Beautiful Centerpiece Ideas and Unique Gifts of Flowers Preserved in Glass Jars

fresh flowers and green leaves preserved in glass jars with glycerol


Glass jars with fresh flowers look beautiful. They offer fabulous centerpiece ideas and unique gifts for Mothers Day or any special event. Colorful fresh flowers and green branches preserved in glass jars with glycerol and water look unusual and bright. Lushome shares wonderful ideas for recycling glass jars and creating these unique flower decorations and floral centerpieces.

Recycling glass jars for home organizers is fun, but using glass jars for preserving flowers or green leaves is a real art. Floral arrangements in glass jars make fabulous table centerpieces and unique gifts. Beautiful flowers and green leaves look charming in glass bottles and jars filled with glycerol solution. To create colorful flower arrangements in a clear glass bottle or jar you need just glycerol and hot water.

These creative home decorations and gifts enhanced by a fresh look of beautiful flowers, small branches, evergreens, moss, decorative grasses, flower petals, and mature thick green leaves. Choose large jars and bottles for preserving big flowers, buds, green leaves, and branches. Small glass jars are perfect for small flowers, petals, buds or leaves. Large glass containers and vintage jars look very impressive.

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Floral centerpiece ideas

Red flowers preserved in glass jar, beautiful floral centerpiece idea

Fill your jars to make sure that flowers and leaves stay in the center. Use smaller glass containers or add more flowers or leaves if your floral arrangement floats in the liquid solution. You can create a few floral centerpieces recycling glass jars in various sizes. These DIY table decorations and centerpieces can display different flowers or in one color, small and large flowers, or one type of flowers in two, three or many colors. Your artistic sense helps design unique floral centerpieces and add the striking accents to holiday table decoration.

Glass jars with preserved fresh flowers or green leaves make fabulous Mothers Day presents and eco gifts for many other occasions. These original and unusual floral decorations are versatile. They make great accents for spring decorating, special events in winter, summer and fall decor. The flower arrangements preserved in glycerol are excellent romantic presents, suitable for all seasons and occasions.

Yellow flowers in glass jar, unique gift for Mothers Day or any holiday

Glycerol helps keep the natural look and texture of fresh flowers changing their colors slightly. Mature green leaves and large flowers in bright hues are ideal for creating these fantastic home decorations, table centerpieces, and eco gifts.

Orange flowers in glass jar decorated with burlap fabric in orange color

How to preserve fresh flowers

Mix one part of glycerol and three parts of hot water, cool the solution and fill the jar with fresh flowers, branches or green leaves. Cover the jar with its lid and adorn it with a burlap piece, lace, dried flowers, buttons, nut shells, beads, seashells, acorns, pinecones, small toys, little crafts, feathers or bright ribbons. Anything can go for recycling and creative decorating.

Fresh flowers preserved in glycerol, ideas to reuse and recycle glass jars for floral centerpieces or gifts

Look for something fresh and original to use to create unique decorations for recycled glass bottles and jars. Declutter your home and create spectacular, elegant and colorful accents for the recycled glass jars with flowers. The beautiful lids decorated in an attractive and fresh way just add to the charming look of the unique gifts and floral table centerpieces. You can add a drop of your favorite essential oil to a piece of cloth on the lid. It will turn your beautiful floral centerpiece into an unusual table decoration or unique gift with a pleasant aroma and fabulous appeal.

Pink ribbons for decorating glass jars with flowers

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