Kitchen Design Trends 2022 Turning Kitchen Interiors into Living Spaces

contemporary interior design
Color design and natural materials for open spaces, wood room dividers, kitchen cabinets


Modern kitchens mix laconicism of straight-lined geometry with comfort and elegance. The main decorative elements of new kitchen designs are contrasting color combinations, sleek look, and emphasized straight lines, which match the materials and shapes of dining furniture and living room furniture. Modern kitchens look like living spaces, and here is the Lushome collection of design ideas to demonstrate the latest kitchen trends.

Modern kitchen interiors unite all spaces visually with the open design, similar materials, shapes, furniture, and decor accessories. Comfortable upholstered chairs and sofas in leather or eco-friendly new materials add a contemporary vibe to kitchen designs and make the interiors look like dining rooms and living rooms. Modern and traditional kitchen furniture get expensive and luxurious to look like a part of living spaces and make kitchen design fit into the entire home architecture.

Modern kitchens changed dramatically, beyond recognition, bringing contemporary design ideas and new technologies into every home. Here are significant differences that define kitchen trends 2022 that influence the new design and traditional kitchens. The last 10-15 years revolutionized kitchen design turning these functional interiors into beautiful places where people cook, snack, work on laptops, play with children, and enjoy parties with friends. The change defines permanent kitchen design trends for creating multifunctional interiors.

Modern kitchen trends 2021

Classy brass accents, modern interior design ideas

Kitchen trends that you may overlook

Room-like kitchen trends 2022

Contemporary kitchen design, united with living spaces

Modern kitchen interiors integrate into living spaces. With the beginning of the 2020s, the concept of the open, room-like kitchen interiors influences new design ideas. The kitchen is not the main room in the house but rather a harmonious, functional, and beautiful element that blends with the rest of the living spaces.  The latest kitchen trends combine modern kitchens with living rooms and upgrade kitchen furniture to match the look.

Space-saving kitchen trends, transformer furniture design

White kitchen islands bringing chic and style into modern kitchens

Contemporary design, kitchen trends

Designers hide work areas and bring expensive cabinets’ doors for creating unique accents and show the beauty of kitchen design materials. Many kitchens go without upper cabinets, lack backsplash designs, and look like elegant dining rooms. The contemporary design gives kitchens this new look while merging kitchen interiors with living rooms. The latest kitchen trends lead to spaces with built-in kitchen appliances and stylish storage spaces for kitchen accessories to enhance the minimalist vibe.

Modern open spaces, contemporary kitchen cabinets with lights

1. Minimalist style

Modern kitchen furniture and appliances mimic contemporary living room designs, blending functionality and minimalist style. Minimalist style and practicality exist in everything, removing unnecessary details and decor. Beautiful pots of different sizes or rails with chrome appliances on display are things of the past.

Open kitchen design, contemporary kitchen island

2. Kitchen cabinets and open shelves

The number of kitchen cabinets decreases, giving more space to wall shelves. Shelf decoration and backsplash ideas become as simplified as possible. Modern kitchens look sleek and ascetic but feature expensive door materials, stylish kitchen appliances, and elegant contemporary lighting fixtures. The external beauty of kitchen designs 2022 is crucial in creating modern interiors.

Colorful kitchen design, pink kitchen cabinets, wall shelves

3. Kitchen hoods

Built-in kitchen hoods hide in cabinets, and cast sink designs add to the sleek, contemporary look.

Hidden kitchen appliances, green kitchen cabinets

4. Push-to-open kitchen cabinets and appliances

Designers suggest completely abandon handles on kitchen cabinets, switching to push-to-open mechanisms that give kitchen interiors a clean, contemporary look.

Contemporary kitchen cabinets and comfortable furniture, leather

5. Smart technologies and kitchen appliances

Contemporary design 2022 combines functions in kitchen appliances Two-in-one designs take up little space and create compact kitchen interiors with sophisticated accessories, appliances, and tools. Smart kitchen appliances come to every kitchen, starting with a coffee machine to a dishwasher and fridge. All modern devices feature easy-to-use touch control panels, remote controls, and convenient functions.

Black-n-white interior design

6. Eco-friendly products and Green design

Applications for a smartphone make it easy to control kitchen appliances remotely. Rationality and Responsible consumption are the key themes in contemporary design in recent years. The latest trends in kitchen decorating as the rest of living spaces change traditional kitchen surfaces, such as tile backsplash designs or plastic facades, for natural and eco-friendly products. Wood, concrete, metal worktops look harmonious with modern room furniture and home decorations made with green materials and fibers. Raw and eco-friendly materials used in kitchens are versatile and easily blend with living rooms, dining areas, and house designs.

Eco-friendly and natural materials, modern kitchen design
Open spaces, kitchen-dining-living area
Wood cabinets uniting the living room and kitchen interiors
Two-tone kitchen cabinets, light-medium blue
Natural materials, modern interior design trends
Neutral colors, light, contemporary kitchen design, living room furniture
Color design and natural materials in open spaces, wood room dividers, kitchen cabinets, dining furniture, floor

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