Classy Brass Accents, Modern Interior Design Trends 2021

living room design brass lighting fixtures
Modern flooring ideas, wood, marble, brass; gray-green-brass-color-scheme



Brass is one of the modern interior design trends of 2021. Brass accents are a perfect way to change light room decorating for cozy and warm. Experts show how to use brass in home interiors, adding warmth, style, and elegance and reflecting the beautiful interior design trends. Polished brass compliments colorful, bright interior designs and can add a bit of glamor to room decorating that utilizes neutral colors. Antique brass is excellent for a more settled-in, classy, elegant look.

Check out the gallery below, demonstrating the versatility of brass. This metal looks gorgeous in every room and application. Polished and antique brass show up on staircases, picture frames, tables, bookends, lighting fixtures, and other accent pieces. Brass is on walls, floors, and everywhere you can imagine. The great thing about this material is that it looks great in various places in the same room. Brass lamps, bowls, picture frames, wall decorations, and furniture details look beautiful in the same room.

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Brass in modern interiors

Beautiful metal colors, brass wall design

Minimalistic interior design with brass furniture and decor is spectacular and decadent. Brass elements bring elegance to interior design and give rooms a character. Brass slats that break the wall surface and brass tiles are fantastic wall decorations. Parquet inserts, decorative grills, and door details jazz up the living spaces, turning them into vibrant, exclusive, modern interiors.

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Room design is a fabulous adventure, especially if you take pleasure in creating comfort for your family members and guests. When you choose welcoming color schemes and accentuate your home interiors with stylish accents, like brass accents, you bring beauty, joy, and brightness into your home. If you like this metal, follow the latest trends in integrating brass into modern interiors.

Modern furniture, decor accessories made of brass

Brass interior trends

1. Creating a total look with brass furniture and decor accessories.

2. Blending gray color tones with brass elements of interior design.

3. Bringing unique pieces in the chic Art Deco style for creating spectacular and impressive rooms.

Brass tables, metal accents in modern interior design

4. Changing wall design with brass elements adding originality to architectural interiors.

5. Adding artworks made with brass.

6. Blending small brass accents with sizeable interior design elements made with this metal.

Mixing small and large elements, brass doors, lighting fixtures

Brass and other material combinations

The gorgeous metal looks impressive with natural stones and all types of solid wood. Also, brass combines beautifully with both materials in the same room. These interior design materials are rich and add a natural feel to living spaces. Various textures, polished and rough finishes allow creating captivating, vibrant, and modern interiors.

Brass and velvet, modern chair

Color schemes

Green and brown color shades create fantastic trios with brass. Blue colors, warm orange, and rich golden colors are great companions for brass. Accents in rich jewel colors look harmonious with brass.

The gray-orange-blue color scheme with brass accents
Modern flooring ideas, wood, marble, brass; gray-green-brass-color-scheme
Unique wall mirror, brass bedroom design; the gray-brown-yellow-blue-brass color scheme

Modern living room, original fireplace design, brown-pink-brass color scheme

This versatile, universally appealing, beautiful material looks attractive with glass, expensive textiles, like velvet, and contemporary materials, like modern tiles. The latest interior design trends call for creativity, originality, and a light touch of the metal to spice up and style rooms without creating overwhelming metal decor. Less is more.

Modern entryway ideas, brass lighting fixtures, brass parquet inserts
Artworks, gray-brass color scheme

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