Feng Shui Home, Preparing for Chinese New Year Celebrations

chinese new years spring festival china

Lunar New Year Festival, firework in China


New Year celebrations are associated with fun, smiles, sleepless nights, fireworks, good food and gifts. Chinese New Year celebrations is similar, just longer. All people want to be happy, loved, healthy and wealthy. All people want to enjoy life and feel secure in new year. According to Chinese Feng Shui, the ancient art of harmonious and balanced life, people can create comfortable life, using the positive energy of lunar New Year celebrations. You have to pay off your debts, or start paying before lunar New Year celebrations start, ancient Chinese Feng Shui teachers suggest. Free of clutter and debts, you can start a new life, attracting good luck in coming lunar year. (Year of Rabbit, Feng Shui color schemes)

It is believed that right Chinese New Year decorations and gifts attract happiness, love, health and money. Ancient Chinese Feng Shui home design recommends properly prepare your house for Chinese New Year celebrations, declutter and clean the house, be in good mood, choose right colors for New Year decorations and gifts. (Feng Shui color for home design, color meanings)

Chinese Feng Shui practitioners say, you need to declutter your home, thoroughly clean livingĀ  space before Chinese New Year to allow positive energy to come into your home and flow freely through your rooms. Get rid of useless, broken and old things that collected negative energy over the last year. Clearing the space is the art, that helps Feng Shui home spaces and make rooms feel fresh, airy, welcoming and relaxing. (Feng Shui and clutter, clearing the space)

Lunar New Year Festival, firework in China


If you think you do not have clutter in your house, look at the list of common useless items that clutter homes. Start with closets and shelves. Find and get rid of clutter that takes your living space and prevents positive energy to flow into your home. You can’t pour champagne into a glass which is full of water. Declutter your home and invite new things and positive changes into your life.

Decluttering and clearing your home spaces are symbolic, according to Chinese Feng Shui home design experts. Clearing your home spaces and getting rid of clutter, you will get rid of troubles, sickness, sadness before Chinese New Year celebrations and start new comfortable and happy life in new year, ancient Chinese Feng Shui teachers explain. (Home staging game Clutter Hunt)

Decluttering home, clearing your spaces, gifts, food and Chinese New Year decorations attract positive changes during Chinese New Year celebration

Feng Shui home

If you do not have a lot of time, hire professionals or do yourself basic spring cleaning, including floor, shelves, windows, doors, lighting fixtures and curtains before Chinese New Year. You will enjoy positive changes in your more spacious and pleasant rooms and create beautiful atmosphere for lunar New Year celebration. Let healing positive energy flow into your home with fresh air.

According to Chinese Feng Shui home decorating guide, fresh and clean home should be filled with your favorite natural aroma that attracts good luck and create festive mood during Chinese New Year celebrations. Pine or spruce branches, oranges and tangerines are traditional Chinese New Year decorations that add beautiful colors and festive aroma to your home decor. (Feng Shui home colors and symbols)

Chinese New Year decorations and favorite festive food

Bring home pine or spruce branches, fruits and candles, cook your favorite meals, hug your family members, give them presents and tell them magic words of love. Think about your dreams on Chinese New Years Eve , and they come true. Chinese New Year starts at New Moon. It is a special time, when thoughts materialize, Feng Shui practitioners say.

Chinese New Year decorations:
Making Chinese lanterns for lunar New Year celebrations
Paper lanterns, Sakura Flower lamps
Easy to make Chinese lanterns, Chinese New Year crafts

Traditional Chinese New Year food, lunar new year celebration

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