Feng Shui and Clutter, Space Clearing

feng shui and clutter clearing space tips
Black aroma lamp to Feng Shui home interiors, space clearing tips


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese knowledge system that teaches us to create beautiful clutter free homes with a smooth energy flow. Space clearing tips help purify the chi energy in the house, improving the quality of the energy in living spaces and balancing it. It is believed, Feng Shui home design recommendations, combined with space clearing, can dramatically change your life in many areas, improve health, and bring wealth, love and happiness.

To create harmony in your life, it is necessary to start by decluttering and your living space clearing. Clearing clutter from your home is a necessary step to create a free flow of energy. Each thing accumulates energy. Clutter items, that are not used often, create places with stagnant and unhealthy energy. Before activating Feng Shui zones of love and wealth, you must declutter your home.

Space clearing is an essential part of good Feng Shui home design. Home space clearing includes decluttering, house cleaning and activating the energy flow in the air. Getting rid of clutter is the first step of space clearing, and you can feel significant improvement in your mood and life right away.

Clutter clearing and decorating ideas to Feng Shui home:
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Clothing from closets for contemporary textile sculptures

Feng Shui and clutter

The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui home decorating creates harmonious, pleasant, free of clutter living spaces, including closet storage and cabinet shelves. Clutter free home has unobstructed positive energy flow that can freely travel around the house. The first step to Feng Shui clutter-free home design is removing used clothing in closets.

Black oriental aroma lamp to Feng Shui home interiors, space clearing tips

Start to declutter your life, collecting clutter and preparing it to sell or donate. Your clutter can be someone’s treasure. According to ancient Feng Shui clutter control recommendations, cleaning clutter from your storage spaces is an important step towards creating pleasant, comfortable, wealthy and healthy homes.

Closet cleaning and getting rid of clutter transform your storage, change your lifestyle and improve the quality of your home energy dramatically, Feng Shui practitioners say. Feng Shui home design positively affects your life, making it simpler, healthier and happier.

Space clearing tips

1. Declutter. Sort, collect, throw away, sell or donate useless things. Get rid of clutter, old, broken things, and damaged tableware and utensils. (Look at the list of common clutter items that clutter your home)
2. Cleaning windows, doors, floors, walls and ceiling lights. Use slightly salted water that neutralizes the negative energy.

3. After cleaning walk around your room with a candle or a bell to destroy the negative energy in the air. Spray the air with a natural air freshener. (One of the great natural air freshener recipes)

Go clockwise, paying attention to corners. Instead of an air freshener, you can use a water solution with a drop of essential oil, like orange oil. (Read about essential oils and home staging scents that help loose weight)

4. During space clearing your hair and clothes can accumulate negative energy, so a shower or a bath are good ideas after house cleaning. A bath with a few drops of orange oil or a cup of fresh orange juice makes water soft, pleasant and healing.

2 or 4 rings of orange in the bath with the water temperature between 37-39 C (or 99-102 F) clear the negative energy and lift your spirits. Then you can relax in your favorite armchair with an aroma lamp on the coffee table.  Close your eyes and enjoy the aroma of orange or lemon essential oils, giving your body some rest.

Feng Shui and clutter control

Space clearing should be done regularly to get rid of stagnant energy and create a smooth flow of vital energy through your living space. Organizing clutter on your shelves or in closets takes precious time and solves the cluttered home problem only temporarily without affecting your life on a deeper level.

To declutter your house is the way to declutter your life, Feng Shui practitioners believe. Getting rid of clutter, broken items, useless things and old clothes is the only solution for making your life easier, simpler, healthier and happier. Ancient Feng Shui clutter controlling and space clearing tips help to declutter your life and create a simple and peaceful lifestyle.

  by Ena Russ   

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