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Creating pleasant garden design, beautiful backyard and welcoming landscaping ideas for front yard is easy with Feng Shui. Ancient Chinese Feng Shui is both a science and philosophy, created to help people understand the harmony of nature and leave in harmony with natural world and yourself.

Applied to modern front yard and backyard landscaping ideas or small garden design, ancient Feng Fhui offers a unique method of creating pleasant personal spaces and proper arrangement of garden decorations, household items and plants to attract abundance and wealth.

The main idea of Chinese Feng Shui decorating is that your environment should work for you, providing good rest, relaxation, bringing more comfort, peace and joy into your life. Feng Shui decorating design is based on accurate calculations, well defined principles and practical solutions.

Landscaping ideas from China for inspiration

Traditional house design, China, natural landscaping ideas, photo by Frantisek Staud

A good Feng Shui specialist starts garden design with learning more information about people living in a house and developing Eastern horoscopes for all family members.

Horoscope is very important,  because a garden or yard, according to ancient Chinese Feng Shui, is not just recreation areas, but special places, where people connect to nature and recharge.

Traditional landscaping ideas for good Feng Shui, garden design with a pond and goldfish, China

Garden design, front yard and backyard landscaping ideas should reflect a house owner’s character, believes and taste.

Ancient Chinese house with a pond and goldfish, good Feng Shui design and front yard landscaping ideas

Garden design ideas from Japan

Japanese rock gardens, oriental garden landscaping ideas
Rocks in Japanese gardens, building a rock garden

7 good Feng Shui decorating tips for your yard landscaping

Natural and charming landscaping ideas

1. According to ancient philosophy Feng Shui, garden design, backyard and front yard landscaping are parts of a house design and should be created in harmony with home decorating and inner life of a home owner.

Beautiful landscaping ideas for front yard to Feng Shui home decorating design

2. According to Feng Shui decorating guide, outdoor living spaces are an important element of good Feng Shui home decorating that protects the house, adds comfort to people life and attracts wealth.

Simple, welcoming and charming landscaping ideas for front yard design, modern house and yard

Roof design and colors for good Feng Shui

Good Feng Shui home design, roof color
Good Feng Shui design, roof style

Garden design and backyard landscaping ideas

3. Feng Shui garden design is peaceful and beautiful. Backyard landscaping ideas should be relaxing and pleasant to the eyes, radiating positive energy. Landcaping ideas for the front yard should be inviting and elegant, creating a great presentation of a house.

Good Feng Shui garden design, peaceful backyard landscaping ideas

Good Feng Shui for garden and backyard designs, pets
Feng Shui colors and Chinese symbols

4. One of important principles of good Feng Shui is paying attention to all small details of your garden design, backyard or front yard landscaping. Landscape designers and Feng Shui specialists should work together, correcting an ordinary garden layout and creating proper arrangement of garden decorations, plants, benches and landscape objects that Feng Shui garden design.

Feng Shui decorating and garden design, patio and backyard ideas

5. Good Feng Shui garden design or yard landscaping ideas are based on Eastern Energy horoscope, created for all family members, and include traditional garden design work, defining water movement lines and geopathic zones for proper planning garden paths, creating harmony and protecting people from geopathic stress.

Patio deck, rocks and plants, simple backyard landscaping ideas

6. According to Feng Shui, a garden should be designed in natural style, celebrating the beauty of nature. There is no formal symmetry, right angles and straight lines in good Feng Shui garden. All landscaping ideas should look natural, balanced, casual and welcoming.

Cactus plants and Feng Shui decorating
Recycling decor, old shoes for green plants

Inviting and peaceful backyard landscaping ideas, good Feng Shui garden design with a small pond

7. The main Feng Shui decorating principle for indoor and outdoor living spaces is creating a sense of personal home interiors and garden design with plants and decorations. Peaceful backyard landscaping ideas with beautiful Feng Shui plants in different sizes and white flowers add fabulous colors to yard design, balancing proportions and creating natural beauty.

Feng Shui color for home design
Year of Rabbit, Feng Shui color schemes

Unique garden decorations, pleasant garden design and backyard landscaping ideas

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