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Unique accents for modern kitchen design



Modern kitchen design is influenced by contemporary technologies, bringing advanced kitchen appliances and new materials into homes. Attractive functional zones and fabulous, convenient and beautiful kitchen storage ideas transform kitchen interiors defining modern kitchen design trends.

Lushome shares top kitchen design trends that are practical, stylish and popular. The collection of pictures of modern kitchen interiors demonstrates the popular and stylish ideas that give that contemporary, fresh and trendy look to the spaces, and transform kitchen design for 2016. Even those of us who like vintage style or shabby chic kitchen decor, gladly invite the smart technology, kitchen appliances, tools and advanced storage ideas into our kitchen interiors.

The beautiful look and functionality of modern kitchen design are trends renovating or building projects. Here are the latest kitchen design trends from international design exhibitions that show stylish ways of updating kitchen interiors in 2016.

Top 10 modern kitchen design trends and creative backsplash ideas

Contemporary kitchen design trends

Modern kitchen design trends making your home Greener

Modern kitchen design trends

Modern kitchen design in neutral colors, wooden cabinets and accents in green color

Modern kitchen design trends 2016 reflect changing lifestyle. People prefer practical materials, functional furniture and decor accessories which are eco friendly, stylish and easy to take of.

The functionality brings decluttering and getting rid of things people do not use on a regular bases. At the same time, people look for modern kitchens with beautiful details, unique shapes, textures and kitchen colors.

1. Neutral color palette for kitchen colors

Black and white decorating ideas for modern kitchens

White kitchens are still very popular kitchen trends. White decorating ideas create a nice background for displaying unique items, accents and kitchen appliances. Designers suggest to experiment with black-n-white decorating ideas and gray color tones bringing elegance and balance into modern kitchen interiors. Also creamy white, beige, bluish or purplish gray color tones and natural green colors for eco friendly accents are modern kitchen color trends.

2. Wood with bright kitchen colors

Country home kitchen in white and red colors

Mixing wooden surfaces with neutral colors orĀ  bright accents is modern kitchen design trends 2016 for eclectic interiors and ethnic interior decorating.

3. Modern kitchen design in eco style

Modern kitchen design with stone countertop and exposed brick wall

Natural materials, textures and kitchen colors are modern kitchen design trends that have power to stay for many years to come. Modern kitchen design ideas from iSalony in Milan showed beautiful wood and stone mixes in elegantly rustic kitchen interiors. Marble or granite, pebbles and bamboo, rustic wood and concrete blend into warm and modern kitchen design.

4. Concrete kitchen design ideas

Concrete kitchen design

Concrete kitchen walls, columns, tables and countertops create unusual interior design with a modern industrial vibe. Durable material and porous texture give the kitchen interior a cool look and an informal, but stylish feel.

5. Glass in modern kitchen interiors

Glass kitchen cabinets and accents in purple color

Smooth and glossy surfaces, especially ideas for decorating glass are popular kitchen design trends in 2016. No plastic, but tempered or laminated glass elements make modern kitchen interiors look fabulous, bright and comfortable. Glass kitchen tables and countertops, kitchen backsplash designs and cabinets doors, partition walls and large windows are just a few modern ideas for kitchen design 2016.

6. Simple and sleek design

Elegantly simple contemporary kitchen design

Cabinet handles in minimalist style, no distractions in kitchen details allow glass elements to create more reflections and bring lots of natural light into modern kitchen design.

7. Metal kitchen ideas

Metal kitchen lighting

Brass, copper, iron, chrome, stainless steel and aluminum are modern kitchen design trends 2016. An impressive collection of metal kitchen utensils require a nice, creative and practical way to show it off. Use metal sheets or metal mosaic tile designs for beautiful kitchen backsplash ideas. Add kitchen cabinets decorated with metal or a metal kitchen hood, creating dazzling appeal.

8. Blending metal kitchen design details

Modern kitchen design mixing different metal parts, black lighting fixtures and polished table frame

Creative and intricate mixes of different metals and blending them with aged or corroded surfaces are chic kitchen design trends 2016. Aluminum and bronze, tin and golden details look wonderful together in modern kitchen interiors. Aall metal textures which are interesting and different can be used for unique and modern kitchen design.

9. Transformer furniture design trends

Space saving ideas in modern kitchen design

Modern kitchen design is practical, functional and space saving. Modular furniture and transformer furniture design ideas allow to add individuality and charm to modern kitchen design, redecorate and redesign kitchen interiors as often as you wish.

10. Advanced kitchen storage solutions

Modern kitchen storage solutions personalizing cabinets design

Kitchen storage is another way to personalize and make more comfortable kitchen design. Sliding cutting and ironing boards, racks, rails, customizes drawers and shelves, built-in compact kitchen hoods and rotating cabinets are modern kitchen design trends that everyone like. Ergonomic design ideas influence kitchen storage and organization, creating compact work areas.

11. Smart technology

New technologies influencing modern kitchen design and decorating

Smart technology brings new kitchen appliances and furniture designed for unique lifestyle. Computers make cooktops and ovens smart enough to keep in memory recipes. Computers change storing food and cooking processes with intelligent recommendations for your healthy daily menu. Smartphones and tablets holders and brackets for laptops transform the look of modern kitchen interiors and allow to use the smart technologies for improving lifestyle.

12. Organic design trends

Asymmetrical kitchen design, wooden kitchen cabinets in white and natural brown colors

Natural forms, colors and organic design are main trends in kitchen interiors. Soft rounded shapes, asymmetrical and symmetrical forms bring tenderness and natural beauty into modern kitchen design. Asymmetric kitchen cabinets, furniture and decor accessories in unusual, irregular shapes are a simple way to emphasize creative interior design and add unique elements to kitchen furniture compositions.

13. Kitchen islands and home bar designs

Bar table and bar chairs for dining area, modern kitchen design trends

Home bar designs enhance modern kitchen islands and improve the functionality of kitchen interiors, especially small spaces. The idea of home bar designs in kitchens is not new, but it is versatile and universally appealing, practical and attractive one. It makes people feel comfortable to sit around the island, cook, relax and socialize.

14. Compact kitchen furniture

Space saving ideas for small kitchens, movable kitchen island on wheels

Space saving ideas, like compact dining furniture, smaller dining tables and light chairs instead of built-in benches and corner sofas, or small kitchen island on wheels are modern kitchen design trends.

15. Creative kitchen design and artistic accents in kitchen decor

Unique accents for modern kitchen design

Bright and unusual kitchen interiors, small kitchen-studio designs with unique character, original details and rich kitchen colors are modern trends in decorating kitchens. Large or small spaces look bright, creative and personal with unique decorative accents in surprising color combinations. All emotional and intimate details enhance the individuality of modern kitchen design, bringing beautiful accents and creating inspiring and pleasant atmosphere in kitchen interiors. Interesting prints, spectacular crafts, original vases with flowers or fruits, custom made wall shelves or one-of-a-kind painting ideas are great for personalizing modern kitchen interiors.

Kitchen design in white and rich blue colors

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