Contemporary Kitchen Design Trends 2014 Unite New Materials, Natural Colors and Integrated Appliances

contemporary kitchen cabinets with glass panels
White kitchen cabinets with glass panels, wooden floor and colorful painted ceiling in blue


Contemporary kitchen design trends 2014 show furniture and kitchen appliances, decorating ideas and kitchen accessories that continue to transform  and make more functional modern kitchens. If you plan to design a new kitchen or renovate your kitchen in contemporary style, kitchen design trends 2014 will help you make the right choices.

The desire to hide kitchen appliances and storage spaces, and create smooth and clean surfaces is one of distinct contemporary kitchen design trends for 2014. Kitchen cabinets doors and kitchen countetops look clean, elegant and simple. Textures and stylish colors compensate for the simplicity of contemporary kitchen interiors.

Interesting finishes, unorthodox decorating ideas, new materials and clean lines create attractive contemporary kitchen cabinets, functional cooking and dining areas and give a comfortable look to contemporary kitchens. Induction hobs integrated into kitchen countertops are one of main kitchen design trends in appliances and materials.

Latest trends and modern kitchen ideas

Stylish kitchen colors

White kitchen cabinets with glass panels, wooden floor and colorful painted ceiling in blue

Built into kitchen cabinets, countertops and kitchen islands, high-tech appliances create convenient and beautiful contemporary kitchen design. Contemporary kitchen design uses neutral colors and wood-like surfaces, that suit all architectural interiors, from traditional to modern kitchens in minimalist style.

The usage of glass in contemporary kitchen design creates attractive front panels and cabinets doors with solid, large and comfortable handles almost floating above the surfaces. Neutral colors, like white and gray, steel and black, create contrasting and gorgeous combinations with natural wood materials and brown kitchen colors. Deep black appears sophisticated and elegant with polished metal and glossy glass.

New countertop materials and high tech appliances built in modular units

Contemporary kitchen cabinets and high tech appliances

Stainless steel surfaces add a contemporary feel to any kitchen design. Handles or entire doors made ​​of stainless steel look harmoniously integrated into contemporary kitchen cabinets and island designs in 2014.

New kitchen faucet rotates 360 degrees improving modern kitchen islands design

New kitchen countertop material creating clean contemporary kitchen design with invisible cooktop

Contemporary kitchen design brings modular units that adjust cabinets and appliances creating functional and convenient interiors. Kitchen appliances can be mounted vertically or horizontally, allowing to redesign your kitchen interior as often you wish. Units with rotating elements feature touch buttons adding practical elegance to contemporary kitchen cabinets doors and drawers.

Convenient control panels with touch buttons

The touch control systems and high resolution control panels can be managed like a smart-phone or tablet computer, adding a futuristic feel to contemporary kitchen interiors and allowing to navigate through the menu with a light touch.

Stylish kitchen countertop materials, modern kitchen design trends

Contemporary kitchen design, innovative storage furniture from Neuland

Advanced small kitchen appliances, like coffee makers with sensors, that can personalize homemade drinks, and specialized cooking pots and steamers, that also reflect cooks preferences, are innovative contemporary kitchen design trends 2014. They are embedded into large kitchen appliances, cabinets and countertops, making kitchen interiors more functional, comfortable and further improving contemporary kitchen design.

Contemporary kitchen storage systems

New contemporary kitchen appliances save energy and time, providing better storage for food and making cooking more fun. The efficient distribution of energy allows decrease cooking time and prepare meals quickly and easily, optimizing the cooking process and adjusting it to personal taste.

Energy-saving LED lights add attractive details and provide functional lighting. Contemporary kitchen design with LED lights features a fantastic glow of glass surfaces. LED lights inside fridges allow to modify lighting design and  bring more light to each shelf, improving contemporary kitchen appliances and adding more comfort to overall kitchen design.

  by Ena Russ   

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