Modern Home Bar Designs, Functional and Stylish Bar Shelf Ideas

Floating shelf with glasses storage system, stylish bar accessories

Modern home bar designs with comfortable furniture and attractive bar accessories make game rooms and basements more functional, stylish and welcoming. Impressive lighting designs and creative wood, metal or glass shelves for bar tools, glasses, bottles or collectibles add drama to home bar designs and transform homes into pleasant and stylish places for hanging out with friends. (Designer home bar sets, modern bar furniture for stylish basements)

There are many design and material options for selecting home bar furniture and bar accessories for all tastes and interior design styles. Bar glass shelves are probably the most impressive choice that can be decorated with contemporary LED lights for a stronger decorative impact. (Classy bar furniture design, wooden home bar designs)

Modern home bar designs and lighting design, space saving wine storage ideas

Most people don’t need many bar furniture pieces and a complete bartender set of bar accessories. Two-four stylish chairs or bar stools with soft cushions, adjustable seat height (Modern home bars furniture design, stylish bar stools and chairs) and a comfortable bar table, made of high quality materials, a blender, a cocktail shaker, an ice bucket, a bottle opener and few storage shelves with  lighting are great to have in the beginning.

Bar accessories for simple home bar design

While the look of home bar designs, – furniture pieces, bar shelves and lighting design, are very important, right bar accessories, equipment and tools are essential for having fun. Interesting beer mugs and coffee cups, stylish wine and cocktail glasses are home bar essentials that look great on open bar glass shelves and add charming accents to modern home bar designs.

Many people do not drink alcohol, so setting up a juicer, a blender and a fancy coffee machine allows to  use modern home bars daily, enjoying fresh fruit drinks, tea and coffee. The experience, the look and comfort of home bar designs are the most important factors to consider for modern, attractive and functional design.

Glass shelves with wooden shelf brackets, simple and functional home bar designs


Bar shelf design ideas for modern home bar designs

– select bar shelf design ideas that fit your game room decorating theme and home interior design style,

– choose bar glass shelves and chrome shelf brackets for a small home bar design. Glass shelves and metal shelf brackets add light and shiny accents to small home bars, increasing game rooms and home bar designs sizes visually. Glass and metal design ideas  are perfect for reflecting light and highlighting bar accessories and bottle collections.


Bar glass shelves design with lights

– build wall niche wood, metal or glass shelves for bottles. Wall niches offer space saving bar shelf ideas for modern home bar designs, (Mini home bar designs, space saving ideas)

– make your own tiered shelves with lights that look like commercial bar shelves. Use colorful LED lights (Dresses for lights, a la mode lighting design)  and frosted or clear glass shelf ideas to highlight bottles and glasses from below and above, bringing drama into home bar design,

– mirrored shelves and wall mirrors behind bar glass shelves increase small spaces visually and add interest to small home bar designs. Bar glass shelves with metal shelf brackets, mirrored shelves, mirrors and glasses reflect and multiply objects and lights, creating colorful optical illusions and a club-like atmosphere, (Interior design with lights that change room colors like chameleons)

Hanging shelves made of tempered glass


– bar glass shelves with a storage system for hanging glasses create more spacious look and allow the easy access to glasses and bar accessories, displayed on an open bar shelf,

Attractive home bar accessories, storage ideas for wine glasses, hanging shelves made of wood

– stylish mirrored shelves and bar glass shelves, combined with colorful LED lights, are stylish and efficient bar shelf ideas for modern home bar designs in eco homes.

Modern home bar dedign ideas

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Modern home bar designs, storage shelves, two wall mount shelves with decorative shelf brackets


  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 10.05.2018