Eco-Friendly Christmas Decor, Recycled Crafts and Edible Decorations

christmas tree decorating with star cookies

Bringing the nature inside with natural materials, live Christmas tree plants, green branches, fresh flowers, favorite fruits and berries create truly Green holiday decor in eco style with beautiful eco friendly Christmas decorations. Using simple and festive food, – fruits, chocolate, cookies and candies allows to design inexpensive and charming, colorful and eco friendly edible decorations for the dining table and make edible gifts for eco friendly Christmas season.

Avoiding to buy cheap plastic items, using green house plants and fresh flowers, fruits and evergreen branches for home decorating ideas and Christmas gifts saves a lot of money also. Choosing eco friendly Christmas ornaments and natural holiday decorations helps the environment. Green holiday decorating ideas create more time to enjoy the festive season and relax with the family or friends in beautiful eco homes.

20 Green holiday decor ideas for eco friendly Christmas

christmas decorations for winter holiday

Green Christmas decorating

1. Use leaves and trees branches for Christmas crafts and Green Christmas decorations.

2. Branches with white, green and red berries make beautiful and inexpensive Green holiday decoration.

3. Nuts and pine cones are wonderful for inexpensive eco-friendly Christmas decorations for your entry door, fireplace, mini Christmas tree or dining table decorating.

4. Fill up attractive glass jars with little beach stones and white, green and red, purple and gold or silver and blue chocolate candies to create unusual edible gifts or colorful Christmas decoration for the kitchen island or living room coffee table.

christmas holiday decor food recycled crafts and decorations

Pop corn and cranberries Christmas decoration

5. Old Christmas ornaments, particularly Christmas balls and mirrored glass Christmas decorations, collected in a glass vase or a bowl, offer simple, inexpensive and bright table decorating ideas for holiday season, save money and recycle the clutter.

6. Spray pine cones of various shapes and sizes with white, silver, red, gold or green paint and use them to decorate a Christmas garland or Christmas wreaths for the entry door and windows.

7. Arrange small branches and pine cones for beautiful Christmas decorations on the table and mantel to create green Christmas holiday decor.

8. Prepare colorful candies and cookies for Christmas edible gifts or use them to create eco friendly Christmas decorations for the dining table and jazz up Green holiday decor.

Check out the related themes or stay on topic and keep reading to find more creative solutions, inspiring design ideas and useful tips.

9. Create a unique Christmas wreath, using fresh tree branches that add a pleasant sent to Green holiday decor. (Interesting Green home decor miniatures, unusual gifts and table decorating ideas)

christmas cookies for holiday decor and tree decorating with stars

Edible gifts and eco friendly Christmas decorations

10. Use wooden Christmas ornaments, like Nutcracker Christmas dolls, recycle last year Christmas decorations, make or buy only eco friendly Christmas decorations made of natural materials. Avoid plastic Christmas decorations and holiday decor items.

11. Decorate a tall house plant or Christmas tree branches with eco friendly ornaments, made of clay, wood, paper, metal and natural or recycled decorating  fabrics and materials, or create edible Christmas decorations, using colorful food, like cranberries, dry fruits, fresh fruits, popcorn or cookies, decorated with edible glitter.

12. Use clay or metal containers with green plants and flowers for table decorating ideas and windows Christmas decoration, creating eco friendly holiday atmosphere. (Read about edible flower cuisine and food presentation)

floral centerpieces  and decorations for eco friendly green christmas

Green branches and flowers for Christmas table decorating, Christmas holiday decorating ideas

christmas decorations and food, decorating ideas for holiday table and christmas tree

Eco friendly Christmas decorations, noodles golden snowflake to decorate

13. Declutter your storage space and recycle old Christmas ornaments, especially mismatched or slightly damaged, last year small Christmas gifts, bows and buttons, arranging vintage Christmas  decorations with laces and ribbons. (How to declutter after Christmas)

christmas decorating ideas, decoration with natural decorations made of pine cones

Simple Green Christmas gifts and decorating ideas

green branches red berries christmas gifts and decoration

Easy to make eco friendly Christmas gifts and decorating ideas

14. Make your own decorations for the entry door, stairs and windows, create unique eco friendly table decorating arrangement and design personal Christmas ornaments to decorate a real Christmas tree, using recycled paper, wood, metal and natural or eco friendly decorating fabrics. (Read about decorating homes for Gothic Christmas)

christmas ornaments and decor, holiday decorating, christmas tree and food

Eco friendly Christmas decorations and edible gifts

christmas gifts and decoration with cookies, decor presents and food

Edible gifts and eco friendly table decorating ideas, star cookies

15. Create simple and inexpensive Christmas decorations for your home and inviting Christmas table decorating arrangement, recycling plastic items that you already have in the house. Design Green holiday decor for your home, using house plants, like ferns or shamrock plants, crispy white or bright red flowers, like roses or carnations, for beautiful eco friendly table decorating.

christmas cookies and food, decorating ideas, star decorations

Star cookies, Christmas decorations and edible gifts, eco friendly holiday decor

holiday christmas food and decoration with cranberries, edible centerpiece ideas

Christmas table decorating ideas and edible gifts, eco friendly holiday decorations

16. If you usually buy new Christmas ornaments and Christmas gifts for your family and friends, choose eco friendly Christmas decorations, made by craftsmen who work with recycled or sustainable materials, or prepare easy to make and healthy edible gifts this year.

eco friendly christmas decorating ideas and cheap handmade decorations

Eco friendly Christmas table centerpiece ideas and handmade decorations

17. Stringing popcorn with cranberries for making eco friendly Christmas decorations and homemade edible gifts, using dark chocolate, fresh and dry fruits are wonderful Christmas crafts and decorating ideas that you can share with your kids.

eco friendly christmas decorating ideas and cheap handmade decorations

Using natural materials, home fabrics in red color for making eco friendly Christmas decorations in vintage style

18. Recycle the clutter. Wrapping used tennis balls, small empty jewelry boxes, liquid containers and caps in scraps of old T-shirts and clothing from cluttered closets, then securing the fabric by tying it with a colorful ribbon create eco friendly Christmas ornaments for unique Christmas tree design and the dining table decorating. (Read about eco friendly decor and gifts under $10)

eco friendly christmas decorating ideas and cheap handmade decorations

Green branches, pine cones and wood for making beautiful and eco friendly Christmas table centerpiece

19. Collect burned-out bulbs from old Christmas lights strands to recycle them, making fresh Christmas decoration. Display old bulbs in a glass jar with small evergreen branches or glass Christmas ornaments, that catch the light and reflect it, to add a sparkle to eco friendly holiday atmosphere.

eco friendly christmas decorating ideas and cheap handmade decorations

Handmade Christmas decorations, Pine Cone Bears

20. Enjoy yourself and the season!

Creative Christmas ideas

The biggest Green decor idea for eco friendly Christmas

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eco friendly christmas decorating ideas and cheap handmade decorations eco friendly christmas decorating ideas and cheap handmade decorations eco friendly christmas decorating ideas and cheap handmade decorations eco friendly christmas decorating ideas and cheap handmade decorations eco friendly christmas decorating ideas and cheap handmade decorations eco friendly christmas decorating ideas and cheap handmade decorations

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