Cactus Plants and Feng Shui Decorating

cactus with white flowers

Cactus flowers, Feng Shui cures for modern interior decorating

Cactus plants are living organisms. According to classic Feng Shui, slowly growing cactus plants consume and radiate energy, like people and animals do. The classic Feng Shui decorating guide suggests to use indoor plants with soft and round leaves interior decorating, avoiding bringing cactus spikes and sharp pointed tips of other indoor plants into your home interiors.

According to classic Feng Shui decorating recommendations, sharp corners and sharp tips of leaves, including pointed tips of indoor plants and cactus spines, are destructive for the energy flow. At the same time cactus plants are ancient Chinese symbols of preserving and wise spending, and one of classic Feng Shui cures for shifting the energy and attracting wealth.

Cactus plants keep and sparingly consume absorbed moisture, shui, and can be used to Feng Shui home for wealth. Good Feng Shui placement of slowly growing cactus plants in the Wealth area of your house and proper care for small indoor plants with spikes help gradually shift energy, bringing positive changes and wealth into your home.

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Good Feng Shui decorating with cactus plants

Feng Shui cures, cactus plants to Feng Shui house

White ceramic planters for indoor plants to Feng Shui home decorating

It is believed, that good Feng Shui decorating with slowly growing cactus plants can redirect the negative energy, balance the house energy flow and create better environment that attracts wealth. Beautiful cactus flowers, that have the magic power to improve people’s life, not only attract more money, but create better communication and understanding between people.

Cactus plants have the amazing ability to collect and radiate energy. Most cacti bloom in January, so winter months before Chinese New Year celebrations in February are the best time to create the most effective Feng Shui decorating design with small cactus plants.

Feng Shui cures, slowly growing cactus plants for interior decorating

Cactus flowers, Feng Shui cures for modern interior decorating

Cactus plants radiate Yin energy, that slowly circulates inside of cactus succulents in the form of absorbed water, and Feng Shui the house. Also cactus spines tips are able to shoot negative energy that feels like hundreds of miniature arrows, poisoned by harmful energy. Good Feng Shui placement of cactus plants is very important for creating  balanced interior decorating design.

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Good Feng Shui placement for cactus plants

Constantly receiving negative energy, that is directed towards a person, can cause strife and discord. It is not easy to find the right spot for a cactus in the house and on the table, but wisely chosen, good Feng Shui placement for cactus plants protects people from the negative energy rays that cactus spines radiate in all directions.

Blooming cactus with white flower, Feng Shui decorating ideas

Cactus flower to Feng Shui home for wealth and decorate living space in eco style

To Feng Shui your house, improve the positive energy flow, create attractive, peaceful and healthy Feng Shui decorating design. Cacti and indoor plants with sharp pointed tips and leaves should be removed from the South-Western part of the house, the sunniest and warmest place in the house that cactus plants like the most.

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A coffee table, kitchen island, dining table or bedroom nightstand are not recommended as good Feng Shui placement for cactus plants. In front of a person or close to a person, near a computer screen or in front of a mirror, cactus spines return too much of accumulated negative energy, according to classic Feng Shui decorating guide.

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Cactus flowers to Feng Shui home decorating, unusual shoe planters

Cactus plants for good Feng Shui bedroom decorating

If a cactus is placed on a nightstand, people are regularly ‘attacked’ during sleep. Constant exposure to concentrated negative energy from cactus spines can cause a serious chronic disease, according to ancient Feng Shui decorating guide.

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Placed near a bedroom or bathroom window, hidden behind curtains at night, small cactus plants will Feng Shui your bedroom. Good Feng Shui placement helps reflect the negative energy that comes through the window glass and protect people living in the house.

High heel shoes used with cactus plants, designer planters by Rachel Mahlke and GiddySpinster design studio

Cactus plants to Feng Shui home office

Small cactus plants can Feng Shui home office interior, creating better environment for productive work. In the office cactus spines catch negative energy, radiated by a computer screen, and beautifully decorate the desk and office interior.

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Feng Shui bedroom decorating

Good Feng Shui decorating keeps even small cactus plants away from people, working at the office desk. Arranging cactus plants behind computer screens or on the side of a large computer desk are good Feng Shui placement ideas for small cacti used for home office decorating.

Cactus flowers to Feng Shui home for wealth, cacti with white, yellow, pink and red flowers for good Feng Shui decorating

Cactus symbolism and eco style interior decorating

Cactus plants are beautiful and dangerous, fascinating and mysterious. Cactus plants are powerful Feng Shui cures, protective talismans and ancient Chinese symbols of balance, wise accumulation, preservation and reasonable spending.

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Good Feng Shui decorating with cacti celebrates the contrasts, the beauty of tender cactus flowers and sharp cactus spines. Good Feng Shui placement of cacti in the house helps protect the house and people, creating energetically balanced interior decorating.

Cactus plant for interior decorating

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 01.09.2013