Pear and Apple Decor Ideas, Simple and Beautiful Thanksgiving Decorations

green apple centerpiece ideas
Individual centerpiece ideas, green apples with greenery


Pears and apples can turn into fabulous fall decorations. Check out the Lushome collection of beautiful designs. Meaningful Thanksgiving decorating, like a harvest festival, is about an autumn celebration. Pears, apples, pumpkins, fall flowers, vegetables, and all-natural decor are perfect for Thanksgiving decorating. Fall is the time when people harvest all crops and give thanks for foods from the land.

Pear and apple decor ideas are one of the oldest and widely available decorative items. Pears and apples symbolize the harvest. Fruits, placed on the table for the harvest celebration, create beautiful edible decorations for Thanksgiving. These edible decorations make attractive individual table centerpieces and create spectacular, rich displays with fall flowers and other natural materials, like moss, driftwood, branches, beautiful flowers, and bulk foods.

Thanksgiving table decorations and centerpieces created with fruits, berries, candles

Home decorating ideas inspired by pears and apples

Fruit-themed home decorations

Thanksgiving decorating with apples and pears

Greenery and red apples, Thanksgiving table centerpiece idea

Pear and apple decor ideas can use many other natural things to add interest and meaning to Thanksgiving decorating. Hay, corn, fall leaves, dried fruit, nuts, etc., are perfect additions to apples and pears. You can add pumpkins, colorful gourds to pear and apple decor to amplify the harvest spirit of Thanksgiving table decorations.

Pears and apples, modern interior decorating ideas

Refreshing pear and apple decor ideas

Kitchen Feng Shui for wealth and prosperity

Nature is at its richest in fall, and you can use that to your advantage in making incredible holiday decorations. Original floral arrangements with pears and apples look charming and festive. Small individual table centerpiece ideas benefit from universally appealing round shapes of apples and pears. You can make holes in the fruits and stuff those holes with autumn flowers and fall leaves of all colors.

Thanksgiving table centerpiece, fruit bouquet

Also, you can fill the holes with florists foam and arrange a selection of grass, willow branches, moss and leaves, seed heads, and berries to create unique table decorations and centerpieces for Thanksgiving. Pear and apple decor ideas work well with all other fruits and vegetables. Traditional pumpkins, beetroots, cucumbers, carrots, corn, eggplants, artichokes, turnips, or gourds are just a few options to design original Thanksgiving table decorations and centerpieces.

Beautiful table centerpieces with green apples and fresh flowers

Set your imagination free and transform ordinary fruits into beautiful accents on holiday tables. Take a big vase, fill it with pears or apples, and stick plants, dried fruits, or bulk foods to the vase using double-sided tape. Dry twigs, driftwood pieces, fall leaves, beautiful flowers are fabulous thanksgiving ideas to brighten up holiday tables.

Apples in Thanksgiving table decoration

Thanksgiving table decorations and centerpieces at the middle of the table set the seasonal mood and enhance the harvest fest spirit. Add a carpet of fall leaves in red, yellow, orange, purple, and brown colors that look attractive with small branches, acorns, twigs, pine cones, and apples. Also, you can romanticize autumn holiday tables with candles that spread majestic glow and welcoming warmth over the room.

Green apple decor idea, Thanksgiving centerpiece

Strong contrasts are perfect for a luxurious and impressive look. Mix shiny red apples or small gourds with twigs and white linens or tableware. Pears and apples can turn into candle holders carved in an original shape.

Stylish metal accents, pears, apples, table decorations

Pear and apple decor ideas work for contemporary Thanksgiving decorating also. Mix the fruits with bamboo, rocks, eucalyptus branches, moss, metal accents, and glass beads in light colors to create original and modern holiday table decorations.

Individual centerpiece ideas, green apples with greenery
Unique centerpiece idea. pear turkey for Thanksgiving table decoration
Green apple candles, beautiful table centerpiece ideas for Thanksgiving

Artworks, crafts, table decorations for Thanksgiving

Painting, fruit inspiration for Thanksgiving decorating

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