Pears, Apples and Modern Interior Decorating Ideas

red apples wallpapers, room decorating ideas
Green wallpaper with red apples, interior decorating ideas

Pear fruits come from the ancient wild pears that have been known for thousands of years. Homer mentioned a carved statue of the Greek goddess Hera made of pear tree wood. Today modern interior decorating ideas and room accessories inspired by the pears shape, sweet taste, and softness of a pear fruit symbolize warm and welcoming design.

In ancient China, pear images and pear-shaped accessories for interior decorating symbolized longevity because pear trees have a long life. Chinese still believe that lovers and friends should avoid cutting pear trees or giving away pear fruits to protect and save good relationships for a long time.

It is believed that pear inspired, beautiful, and modern home decor accessories, pear images, and interior decorating ideas in pear shapes bring stability into homes. Pear paintings and pear-shaped accessories are elegant and versatile, suitable for bedroom decorating ideas and family room design. They symbolize happiness and harmony in the family.

Pear and apple decor ideas to refresh modern interiors

Modern decorating and room colors inspired by apples and pears

Surreal yard decorations

Pears in home decorating

Contemporary room decor accessories, pear-shaped vases, modern home decorating ideas

White flowers of pear trees can inspire beautiful room decorating ideas. Modern wallpaper designs with pears, embroidered home decorations, fabric craft ideas, and wall decor can add the softness of curvaceous shapes of pears to room decorating. Peartree flowers are the symbol of beauty and attraction, but also wisdom and sadness. Tender pear flowers always disappear, turning into fruits. White flowers of pear trees give beautiful inspirations for nursery decorating ideas, symbolizing that tender and small kids will grow and change.

Unique pear and apple decor accents, handmade decorating accessories, kitchen and dining room decorating ideas

Pear color schemes

Modern dinnerware trends and contemporary table decorating ideas

Orange interior decorating ideas

Modern bedding sets and color symbolism

Tender flowers of pear trees are white. Light green colors of leaves, brown colors of tree branches, and bark, yellow color shades of pear fruits create beautiful combinations for interior decorating color schemes. Mixing them with white decorating ideas turns rooms into bright and more spacious living spaces. Adding real pear fruits to room decor with modern wallpaper, fabric prints, tableware, or wall stickers are great interior decorating ideas for a dining room, kitchen, and kids bedrooms.

Pear and apple decor accents, unique craft ideas, handmade apple and pear decorations made with colorful fabrics

The pear shape, like female body curves, is sexy. The softness and sweetness of a pear fruit contribute to the symbolism and sexual significance of pear decor accessories and images, offering simple and intriguing inspirations for modern bedroom decorating ideas.

Modern interior decorating ideas, pear-shaped bean bag chair in green color

Attractive pear bedding sets and decorating themes that include pear images, orange, yellow, brown, green color combinations, pear wallpaper designs, and home fabrics, pear-shaped accessories, like decorative vases and pillows, curved bedroom lamps, and handmade pear decorations are a few wonderful ways to enhance tender, soft and feminine bedroom decorating.

Apple decor ideas

Contemporary room furniture in an apple’s shape, green apple chair

Apple kitchen decor and interior decorating with apple images and colors symbolize fertility, unity, balance, and knowledge. The harmonious and simple apple shape is perfect for traditional and contemporary room decorating. Using apple images and colors, interior decorating creates balanced, pleasant, and symbolic decor. Modern decor accessories and furniture, inspired by these delicious fruits’ shapes and colors, represent integrity and unity.

Apple kitchen decor, fruit vases in pink and green colors

Gracious apple tree flowers are the Chinese symbol of peace, grace, and beauty. Tender pear tree flowers inspire soft and light interior colors, blending white decorating ideas with a touch of pale pink hues. Modern home decor accessories and wall decor art, digital prints, and modern wallpaper bring nature inside and enhance interior decorating with attractive and symbolic images of apple or pear tree leaves, blooming branches, and fruits.

Green pear and apple kitchen decor ideas in eco style, modern interior decorating with food

Apple-inspired, baby nursery decorating ideas communicate peace and harmony. Apple kids’ bedroom decorating symbolizes the joy of life. Apple bedroom decorating ideas confess love. In ancient times beautiful flowers of apple trees, as orange tree flowers, were used as romantic and meaningful decorations for weddings, modern interior decorating, and bedroom decor.

Modern interior decorating ideas and room colors inspired by pears and apples

Green apple kitchen decor and green color inspirations

Spring home decorating, modern trends, and classic techniques

Apple fruit symbolism

Green pear and apple kitchen decor ideas, green wallpaper with pears and apples for a modern kitchen or dining room decorating.

The Celtic Silver Branch, a branch of an apple tree, has magic power. Green apples and tree leaves, colorful fruits images, modern wallpaper designs, and fabric prints with apples symbolize fertility. Apples create beautiful bedroom decor and offer meaningful interior decorating ideas for all other rooms.

Green wallpaper with red apples, interior decorating ideas

Traditional Halloween apples are wonderful home decor accents and beautiful table decorations for Thanksgiving parties in fall to celebrate the end of the harvesting time. In China, apples are symbols of peace and harmony. In Christian cultures, an apple has a dual meaning: an apple is the symbolic fruit of the seduction and sin, while apple images on Christ and Virgin Mary’s paintings symbolize salvation, unity, and life force.

Apple and flower table centerpieces, dining room and kitchen decor ideas

Apple-inspired room colors

Room decor with stylish stripes illusion

Apple fruit colors and tender flower petals of apple trees inspire modern interior decorating ideas and color schemes associating with good health, happiness, and joy. Apples inspire juicy interior decorating colors that include apple green, yellow, orange, pink, and red colors. Natural hues are versatile and great for any traditional or contemporary room decor style. Apple images radiate positive energy, offering attractive, interesting, and pleasant baby nursery decorating, and create a relaxing environment for young babies.

Apple kitchen decor, country style home decorating ideas, hand-painted wooden accessories, apple table decorations

Apple wallpaper designs, modern decorating with vinyl wall stickers, stenciling, apple embroidery patterns offer attractive kids room decor ideas. Appletree flowers, branches, and apples bring more love and harmony into every bedroom decor. Apple-shaped room accessories, lighting fixtures, fruit-inspired interior decorating colors, and flower images create a bright, fun atmosphere in the family rooms. Fruits are the perfect theme for designing warm kitchens and inviting dining room decor.

Pear-shaped lighting

Pear-shaped pillow light
Pillow-light design, modern lighting idea
Contemporary floor lamp, peartree
Lighting bulbs on a pear tree lamp
Pear Tree lighting design

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