Pear and Apple Decor Ideas to Refresh Modern Home Interiors

fruit themed decorations for modern home interiors



Pear and apple decor ideas bring beautiful shapes and wonderful colors into modern home interiors, giving your rooms a vibrant look. Pear or apple decor accessories, from wall decorations to table centerpieces with fall flowers, pears and apples, are gorgeous and versatile, suitable for modern interior decorating in urban or country home style.

Inspired by these familiar, juicy and sweet fruits, pear and apple decor is a perfect way to bring a dull living space to life and create bright, cheerful and inviting room decor. Pear and apples bring back memories of happy childhood years, warm pies and delicious jams in your grandparents houses, giving meaning and charming feel to your home decorating.

Pear and apple decor ideas may include colorful wall stickers and photography artworks, handmade home decorations inspired by pears and apples, wall tiles, pillows with fruits embroidery or appliques, kitchenware and dinnerware with images of pears and apples, or floral arrangements and table centerpieces with these wonderful fruits.

Pear and apple decor ideas

Fruit themed decor ideas for kitchens

Using fruit scented candles shaped like colorful pears and apples adds a final touch to modern interior decorating with this fabulous, colorful and versatile theme.

A wicker basket, a large ceramic bowl or a crystal glass vase containing bright fresh fruits, red and green apples and pears, makes a stunning table centerpiece for your dining table. Floral arrangements with pears and apples, as well as with other colorful fruits, create warm, country home look and welcoming feel in your room.

Green and orange kitchen cabinets, green apple decoration

Pears and apples inspire great decoration patterns. These fruit patterns liven up the walls, furniture and decor accessories, turning rooms into interesting and original living spaces that have their character and unique charm.

Fruit themed decorations, ideas and functional accessories

Green apple kitchen decor and color inspiration

Pear and apple decorated salt and pepper shakers, dinnerware sets, canisters, ceramic bowls, wooden boxes and fruit-shaped plastic bowls that add a charming look to kitchen and dining room decorating. Towels and seat pads, decorative pillows and bedding with pear and apple embroidery or fabric prints adding more color and freshness to your modern home interiors.

Wall decorations, fruit themed paintings

Colorful wall stickers or wall decorations shaped like pears or apples, – decorative pillows or vibrant wall clocks made of wood and adorned with painted images of fruits, are nice ideas for adding a surprising and bright details to modern interior decorating.

Pears, apples and interior decorating ideas

Modern interior decorating ideas and room colors inspired by pears and apples

Wall paintings in rich hues, large photographs or fabric appliques with various fruits such as grapes, green, yellow or red apples, golden or light brown pears, bananas and berries add charm and color to your room decor. There are endless accents you can find to decorate your home with pear and apple decor accessories.

Kids room decorating with apple and pear images

Pear or apple-themed decor accessories, kitchenware and dinnerware, dish towels and dish cloths with pears and apples are excellent for transforming your kitchen. A bright tablecloth and curtains, colorful wall stickers and wallpaper patterns, coordinating pictures and fruit-shaped accents, celebrate the fruit theme, creating stunning, colorful, interesting and modern home interiors.

22 colorful fall flower arrangements and autumn table centerpiece ideas

How to create fall flower arrangements in handmade pumpkin and gourd vases

Using pear and apple themed decor accessories gives you endless options to brighten up the look and feel of your home, creating fresh and vibrant, inviting and modern home interiors in a colorful fruity style.

Table centerpiece ideas with green apples
Red apple fabric print, decorative pillows
Green pear applique, decorative pillows

Pear and apple-shaped decorative pillows, knitted home accessories

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