Fruit Themed Decorations, Ideas and Functional Accessories

colorful glass accessories shaped like apples

Glass home decorations, colorful apple themed decor accessories


Fruit theme brings great inspirations and interesting home decor ideas. Fruit-shaped, unique and functional decorative accessories make beautiful accents. The things that immediately come to mind when you decorate with fruit images are kitchen decor accessories, wallpaper designs with colorful fruits, dining room decorating with wall paintings, colorful home fabrics, and fruit-shaped dinnerware items.

Berries, pears or apples, plums, peaches, grapes, oranges, and lemons are colorful and bright interior decorating themes. Fruit-themed decor accessories for kitchens, – dish towels, tablecloths with napkins, kitchen curtains or painted kitchen decorations on walls bring these fabulous ideas and make modern kitchens feel inviting.

Furniture upholstery fabrics, window curtains, canisters, and tile designs, modern wallpaper with fruits, fruit shaped small kitchen accessories, and dinnerware items are just a few ways to add the beautiful decorating theme to your home interiors. Fruit themed decor ideas not only look bright and exciting, these home decorations Feng Shui home interiors. Fruit images are perfect ideas which help Feng Shui kitchen and dining room decorating.

Feng Shui home, ergonomic kitchen triangles

Fruit themed decorations and ideas

Fruit themed decorations and ideas, pear and apple kitchen decor, cushions

You can select berries, vegetables or fruits for your beautiful home decorating. Pear or apple themed kitchen decor are two of the most popular options.

Painted or upholstered furniture with fruit images, contemporary backsplash designs with fruits digital prints, wall stickers on home appliances or furniture surfaces, decorative fabrics, kitchenware and dinnerware with your favorite fruit images are perfect for personalizing your interior design and creating unique spaces.

Fruit themed decor, painting on kitchen hood

Fruit themed kitchen and dining room decorating ideas with curtains, cushions, chairs pads, fruit-shaped vases, dinnerware items and small functional accessories in fruits shapes and colors create attractive and impressive fruit themed decor. Add berries, pears, apples or any other fruit themed decor ideas to your kitchen and dining areas to Feng Shui your home.

Modern kitchen decorating ideas to dress up the fridge with paints or wall stickers

Fruit-shaped home decorations or functional items with fruit images bring color and juicy designs into the creative interior decor. Berries, apples, pears and all other fruit pictures, fabric prints, paintings, wall stickers and modern wallpaper with fruits are gorgeous trends in home decorating.

Fruit themed decorations and ideas for wall decorating, yellow wallpaper border with colorful fruits

Colorful wall paintings, fruit-shaped items, glass painted designs, and large fruit graphics or digital prints are stylish home decorations inspired by colorful and universally appealing fruits. Fabric crafts or carved wood berries, apples, and pears designs, as well as all other fruits, look stunning and make beautiful themed decorations.

Green apple kitchen decor and color inspiration

Apple hooks add fun to wall decoration with kitchen towels. Painted or made with fabric crafts, which look like fruits and berries, – look fantastic on kitchen shelves. Modern wall tile designs with fruits are a must for themed kitchen decorating.

Glass home decorations, colorful apple themed decor accessories

You can find and buy or make fruit themed decorations for all rooms in the house. Elegant glass fruits are beautiful and unique home decorations that can brighten up any room decor and make perfect gifts also. Small and charming note pads, inspired by apples and pears, are inexpensive and functional decor accessories for your home office, kitchen or kids rooms.

Green decor miniatures adding indoor plants and flowers to interior decorating

Pear and apple note pads, designed in Japan, are beautiful, bright, creative and useful. These paper fruits create a festive atmosphere and jazz up interior decorating with colorful, elegant, functional and simple home decorations.

Green and red apple kitchen decor accessories, functional home decorations

The knife for cutting apples, envisioned by creative team XDDesign, looks like a red apple itself. The red apple knife, kitchen pads, and towels with green and red apple prints are colorful fruit themed decorations and useful, functional and beautiful kitchen decor accessories that personalize your home.

Pears, apples and interior decorating ideas

Fruits are healthy food and modern home decorations. Placed in bowls, they look fantastic on tables and kitchen islands. Fruits give amazing design inspirations, bringing their shapes and gorgeous colors into modern homes.

Raspberries purse

Apple and pear-shaped bean bag chairs, timers and wall clocks, clothing accessories with fruit images and colorful dinnerware sets, wall paintings and bright home fabrics with fruit images are spectacular and familiar fruit themed decorations.

Modern interior decorating ideas and room colors inspired by pears and apples

Decorative accessories and functional items in fruit shapes and colors look familiar and attractive, improve mood, add color, universal appeal, and creative designs to functional and appealing interior decorating that people enjoy.

White dinnerware set with green apples, wall decoration with colorful citrus fruits plates
Wooden furniture painting ideas, fruits themed decor
Bright bedding fabrics with red cherries
Crochet craft ideas, handmade fruit themed decorations

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