Decorative Screens, Chic Ideas for Modern Interior Design

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Light decorative screen made of wood

Decorative screens came back as stylish room accents, functional room dividers, and unique artworks. Exotic designs and geometric patterns create bright and elegant decorative screens for modern interiors setting spectacular interior trends. Screens can feature beautiful paintings, metal craftwork, wood designs, glass, and mirrored surfaces. They offer fantastic ways to accentuate interior decorating. That is why they return to our home interiors and begin to gain popularity in home decorating.

Here is the Lushome collection of original, beautiful, decorative screens demonstrating how they can brighten up modern interiors while adding a glamorous feel to room decorating. See how designers use a decorative screen in the interior, choosing a specific material, design, and decorations to amplify the appeal of unique ideas. Steal the look or get inspired for experimenting with a decorative screen in your room.

Decorative screens in modern living rooms

Modern wall panels, decorative screens, hanging doors

Recycling paper for DIY decorative screens

Decorative screens in modern interiors

Bedroom decorating, carved screen

The first screens appeared in ancient China, but they got trendy in Japan in the 17th century. Screens are great for protecting from the wind, giving privacy, and working against evil spirits. Eventually, the functional screens became elegant home decorations that spiced up minimalist Japanese houses.

Modern room dividers, interior trends, small room design ideas

Cinder blocks create unique decorative screens

How to reuse and recycle wood pallets, 55 ideas for decorative screens

Traditional screen designs featured expensive materials and hand-paintings. Landscapes that change from season to season inspired the unique designs and turned decorative screens from functional items to amazing artworks.

Beautiful bed, decorative screen, traditional bedroom decorating ideas

Decorative screens came to Europe as exotic home furnishings and Eastern-style furniture and textiles. A screen in the corner of the room looked spectacular, adding an original accent to modern interiors.

Decorative screen, original design

Today decorative screens came back to make a statement. Check out creative ideas and traditional and non-trivial designs that show how to use decorative screens in modern interior decorating.

Bright painting ideas, contemporary decorative screen
Colorful decorative screen with flower designs
Beautiful bedroom decorating with Oriental decorative screen
Light and decorative screen made of wood

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