How to Reuse and Recycle Wood Pallets in Gardens and Outdoor Rooms, 55 DIY Ideas

salvaged wood decorative screen
Recycling wood pallets for vertical garden designs, decorative screens with planters



Recycling wood pallets creates modern furniture and wall decorations and offers fantastic opportunities to brighten outdoor home decorating with unique DIY designs. Salvaged wood is a perfect material for building fences, decorative screens, outdoor furniture, and sunshades. Outdoor swimming pools with wooden skirts and original planters are beautiful ways to add original and cheap decorations to outdoor spaces.

Many people reuse and recycle wood pallets in their gardens and outdoor seating areas. Built with wood walkways, raised beds, vertical garden designs, storage racks for gardening tools, and handmade planters are the best ways to recycle salvaged wood and add unique accents to outdoor living spaces.

Creative recycling wood pallets for outdoor home decorating, DIY ideas

Wood pallet outdoor furniture and garden design ideas

How to reuse and recycle wood pallets for outdoor furniture and yard decorations

Wood pallet designs

DIY outdoor furniture and garden structures, eco-friendly ways to reuse/recycle wood pallets

Garden designs

Mini garden design ideas to reuse and recycle wood pallets

How to recycle plastic bottles for creative garden designs

Unique garden design ideas and yard decorations

Instead of constantly weeding a garden and spacing plants apart, gardeners use wood pallets for creating practical beds and convenient vertical garden planters. The idea is to fill the empty spaces with soil and then grow plants in those areas.  The slats keep the plants spaced as needed. When the harvest season is over, they clean wood pallets from soil and store the pallets for the following year.

Wood pallet garden beds

Cheap ideas to save money

Pallets are the best resource of salvaged wood that is perfect for gardens and outdoor rooms. Wood pallets are free and provide endless possibilities for DIY projects. You can build a fence around your garden or add a decorative screen with flowers to enhance beauty and privacy. Planter boxes, benches, BBQ tables, and decorative touches added to walls with aged wood pieces are other beautiful DIY ideas to reuse and recycle wood.

Recycling wood pallets for gardening tool storage

How to reuse and recycle wood pallets

You can build with the whole thing or break pallets down and use the individual pieces to make almost anything you need in your yard and garden. You can play with different forms and parts, mix salvaged wood with concrete blocks and new wood pieces. Their original structure allows hundreds of variations and creative ways to reuse and recycle them for outdoor creations.

Outdoor home decorating ideas, wood pergola, planters, vertical garden design ideas

How to select wood pallets for your garden

When looking through the piles of pallets, keep an eye out for ones that contain additives or chemicals used to treat the wood. Treated wood has marks. Notice the color, texture, any funny smell that indicates treated timber. You want untreated wood for your garden projects.

Space-saving ideas for garden designs, vertical screens with planters

Saving wood boards

If you plan to disassemble the pallets and use individual wood pieces for your DIY project, try to do so without damaging the wood pieces held together with spiral nails that build robust structures for supporting heavy goods. When you break wooden pallets, keep all elements. Wood is a fantastic material, and you can use small pieces in many creative ways. You can make wall decorations and mark garden plants, create eco-gifts and small crafts with salvaged wood for your home decorating.

Modern recycling ideas, wood pallets

Decorative screens

Decorative screen with potted flowers
Decorative screen with shelves and potted flowers
The handmade decorative screen made with wood pallets
Recycling wood pallets for vertical garden designs, decorative screens with planters

Garden sunshade

Garden design, sunshade idea

Garden path ideas

Salvaged wood, garden path idea
Wood pallets in garden design

Wood fence designs

Flower bed and wood pallet fence with handmade heart decorations

Swimming pool structures

The salvaged wood pool structure
Above ground swimming pool decorated with wood pallets

Raise garden beds

Flower beds built with wood pallets
Raised beds with supports for climbing plants, greenhouse, garden design ideas

Handmade outdoor furniture

Handmade wood furniture with cushions, outdoor seating area
Garden benches and planters made with salvaged wood
Colorfully painted wood furniture, tables, benches with cushions
BBQ table decorated with planters
Recycling wood pallets for outdoor furniture and planters

Recycling wood pallets for DIY planters

Vertical garden, design idea, handmade wood planters hanging on chains

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