How to Recycle Pizza Boxes for DIY Eco Friendly Accessories and Kids Toys

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how to reuse and recycle cardboard boxes for wall clocks


Cardboard is a perfect material for recycling. Many different cardboard boxes surround us, and all go to trash instead of turning into new, useful creations. Pizza, cereals boxes and shoe boxes are examples of cardboard packaging that pile up every week asking for creative recycling. Lushome shares smart ideas for making laptop stands and game boards with pizza boxes.

Paper recycling is a part of the environmentally conscious, Green living. Buying recycled cardboard boxes and recycling them for something else make paper life longer. It is very easy to use the material for crafts and simple designs turning cardboard boxes into eco-friendly products instead of throwing cardboard into landfills and paying for new foam and plastic packaging.

There are many benefits to recycling, and making laptop stands or game boards are just two of them. Recycling allows creating these useful items just where you are, plus it saves trees and protects the environment. Turning cardboard boxes into simple household items brings convenience into life and demonstrates resourcefulness and talents.

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Cardboard box recycling ideas

Recycling bin with pizza boxes

Before placing a cardboard box in your recyclable bin, think how you can use the material for crafts, making a serving tray, laptop stand, game board, portable mini table. Just clean the cardboard of food, consider cutting it into smaller pieces and folding in a creative way into functional objects.

1. Laptop stand

Here is a tutorial for making a notebook stand adding more fun to Green living while saving money. The convenient, functional, and quick to make laptop stand is free and eco-friendly.

2. Party accessories

Recycled boxes are fantastic ideas to experiment with original designs also. Making serving trays, paper tablecloths, place mats and cards, game boards and ornaments brings more joy and novelty into inexpensive but impressive party decor and demonstrate support of Green living ideas.

Serving trays and plates made of cardboard boxes

3. Game boards

4. Cat beds

5. Wall clocks

6. Organizers

7. Artworks

8. Table lamps

9. Storage for kids toys

10. Kids toys


Colorful paper crafts, kids toys

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