60 Impressive Stumpery Garden Decorations, Creative and Natural Landscaping Ideas

natural garden design with stumpery yard decorations

Stumpery birdhouse, eco friendly garden decorations and natural yard landscaping ideas


Stumpery artworks are wonderful elements of natural garden design. Intentional arrangement of woody material, like trunks and root wads, create very unique and beautiful garden design and inspires natural yard landscaping ideas that are wildlife friendly. A root wad is a fantastic material for natural garden decorations. The length of downed tree that includes a portion of the trunk and the root mass or ball add spectacular centerpieces to garden design and harmonize landscaping ideas. Lushome collection offers some fabulous ideas for creating large and impressive stumpery garden decorations.

Stumpery artworks and garden decorations create inviting habitat for lush ferns and beautiful flowers. These amazing artworks look impressive and create the sense of accomplishment from natural arrangements that display the natural sculptural forms of the roots. Stumpery garden decorations is a great way to improve yard landscaping ideas and find creative garden design that can attractively reuse and recycle wood.

Every stumpery is amazing. It catches the attention and stops you in your tracks. Stumpery artworks look old and peaceful, bringing harmony into garden design and adding pleasant details to tradi­tional yard landscaping. Stumpery garden decorations are created with tree roots, logs, branches and small pieces of tree trunks, They are great for growing ferns, and they use vertical space to create depth and height. The unique garden decorations make spectacular pockets and provide ideal conditions suitable for ferns and beautiful flowers.

20 root artworks and yard landscaping ideas

20 stumperies, garden decorations and landscaping ideas

Root artworks, stumpery garden decorations

Stumpery arrangements can provide perfect conditions for various plants and flowers which have very different needs. Fast draining soil and wet soil, shade and full sun conditions can be easily created by moving stumpery garden decorations and using appropriate materials to grow plants and flowers.

This allows to create fabulous garden design and improve yard landscaping ideas with amazing floral compositions with plants and flowers which normally do not grow near each other. Within a few feet you can plant a sun-tolerant fern, a moisture loving plant, a drought­ tolerant plants and shade plants.

Stumpery birdhouse, eco friendly garden decorations and natural yard landscaping ideas

The natural, eco friendly and slow breakdown of the wood returns useful compounds back to the soil. It provides suitable environments for insects and small animals that live in and on the wood.

20 yard decorations recycling and removing stumps naturally

Natural yard landscaping ideas, save money creating wildlife friendly garden design

The first known stumpery was created in 1856 by Edward William Cooke, an artist and gardener, who looked at large debris and saw the different beauty in them. He turned some of the chaotic piles into ten-foot tall walls on either side of a path, and planted them out in ferns. The structure was quickly repeated across Britain, ready for garden design and landscaping with ferns.

Huge tree roots, garden decorations in eco style

Stumperies are enjoying a resur­gence. A private stumpery garden design using tree roots, logs, branches and dramatic pieces of tree trunks sounds like a great idea to imp[rove yard landscaping and creating eco friendly, natural and unique compositions. This horticultural concept allows to experiment create gorgeous artworks, large and small garden decorations that reflect gardeners personality and style.

Unique outdoor furniture

Wooden garden bench, stumperies for garden design

Garden design and yard landscaping with stumperies

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