Modern Interior Design Trends 2020, Color Matching Ideas

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white bedroom blue wallpaper

Blue wallpaper, modern bedroom colors


Here are color matching ideas for modern interior design and decorating. Feel safe to mix these room colors or similar hues and create beautiful, stylish, elegant color schemes for your home decorating. The color design trends 2020 include vibrant blue colors, bleached blue, light and deep purple hues, peach-orange, pink-orange color shades, reddish purple shades, bright yellow colors, warm beige, cool gray color tones, white and black.

Modern interior colors

Simply elegant, pale blue color, Bleached Coral is the latest trend in color design 2020. The inoffensive, a bit nostalgic, and the light-blue color is versatile and relaxing. It reminds us of how quickly things change and reinforces the inevitability of time. Strongly connected to nature, the pale blue hue is neutral as gray and bright as white.

Stylish blue color hues, modern interior colors

Soft yellow and pastels greens

Adaptable soft pastel hues, color trends

1. Blue

Color trends 2020, light grayish-blue color tone Bleached Coral

Rich, dazzling blue color tones are bold and beautiful. Energetic and versatile, this attractive blue color harmoniously blends with pinks and purple colors. It looks great with greens, gray, white, and a touch of yellow. Light navy is motivating and inspiring.  Light grayish-blue color tones are opposite to dazzling blues. These hues are relaxing and calming. Think of blue skies and use light blue colors as beautiful backgrounds for enhancing modern interior design in 2020.

Blue wallpaper, modern bedroom colors

Light and airy blue color tones offer optimism and elegance, bringing gorgeous color design trends 2020. The Pantone color choice is Bleached Coral. The pale grayish-blue tone is a bold, creative, and contemporary alternative to neutral whites.

Modern color trends 2020

2. Purple color tones

Lilac purple colors are romantic and nostalgic. Lavender is the best calming color for relaxing interior design, but all bluish purple colors are smart choices in color design. Radiant purple colors and pinkish-purple hues look beautiful with blue tones, creating dazzling interior design color schemes. Warm purple colors are unexpected and modern color design trends 2020 that bring the magnetic vibes into rooms.

Bedroom colors, purple, gray: modern interior design by The Room Studio, Barcelona

3. Peach-orange color

Inspired by juicy fruits, peach-orange color shades are feminine and warm. These hues offer fantastic color design ideas for creating relaxing, bright, and modern interior design in 2020. Fruit-inspired shades are versatile and appealing. Men and women like to use these bold and contemporary colors as accents in their rooms.

Purple and peach orange colors, modern design trends


4. Bright yellow colors

Festive and optimistic yellow colors are excellent for beautiful accents. Inspired by dandelions and sunshine, these color shades bring a spring-summer vibe into modern interior design and brighten up rooms like whites.

Dining chairs painted bright yellow

5. Soft pink color

High-energy, by soft and beautiful coral pink color, looks a bit of exotic in modern interior design schemes. Reddish orange or orange-pink hues offer safe color design ideas for accessories, trims, and accents, giving a bright appearance to modern interior design in neutral colors. The dreamy pink color is powerful and attractive.

Modern wallpaper in pink and gray, black-white decorating ideas, modern interior design by Henrietta Southam

6. Light gray colors tones

Gorgeous and elegant gray color tones are the quintessential neutral and one that relays reassurance, comfort, and confidence. Light gray color tones transmit a certain sense of familiarity but can be surprising when combined with vibrant hues. Beautiful gray color tones can be evocative and soft, offering fabulous color design choices for modern interior design in 2020.

Wood furniture, light gray wall paint color, The Modernist Hotel, Greece

7. Beige

Sand and champagne beige tones are versatile and universally appealing neutral colors. The variation of beige allows to add a touch of warmth to soothing interiors and calm down vibrant interior design color schemes. Perfect for spring and summer decorating, beige colors look beautiful in fall and winter. Decorating with beige tones is easy. The neutral colors of sand or champagne enhance modern interior design ideas and offer elegant decor matching solutions.

Beige and gray color tones, modern color trends

8. Green pastels

Light green colors, mainly pastel hues, are universally appealing, stylish, and timelessly stylish color design choices. Green pastel tones look unexpected and pleasant in all rooms. Green colors are favorite and will stay forever setting beautiful color design trends which are versatile and fresh. Designers reinvent green pastels every year and beautifully mix them with other modern colors.

Green upholstered chair; pink wall art; modern interior design, photography by Vincent Van Duyten
Current color trends, grayish blue color tones

  by Ena Russ   

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