How to Recycle Plastic Bottles for Outdoor Home Decorating and Garden Design

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plastic recycling for garden design and house exterior decorating

DIY water sprinklers recycling plastic bottles


Many creative designs show how to recycle plastic bottles and decorate outdoor living spaces on a budget. Plastic recycling is a fantastic way to add beautiful accents to garden designs. Plastic bottles can turn into useful and decorative things that celebrate Green ideas. Lushome shares great inspirations for DIY projects to reuse and recycle plastic bottles for unique backyard designs.

There are two types of plastic bottles and containers: thin PET bottles for soda and water, thick HDPE bottles for juice. There are heavy plastic containers for liquid detergents and chemicals also. All types are extremely handy and valuable to recyclers and crafters because they can make various things, from recycled crafts to outdoor decorations. Recycling plastic containers and bottles is perfect for making new eco-friendly products for homes and gardens. People turn plastic bottles into all kinds of yard decorations and artworks.

Plastic recycling is inspiring. Bottles are an unusual material for building boats, houses, fences, walls, vertical gardens and greenhouses. Plastic recycling is perfect for creating flower bed borders, bird feeders and creative accents for backyard landscaping. Bottle caps create colorful, impressive, and unique garden paths, walkways and artworks for wall decoration.

Artistic ways to reuse and recycle bottle caps and recycled crafts for kids

21 Green ideas to reuse and recycle bottle caps for beautiful home decorating and eco gifts

Recycling plastic bottle caps to improve bag storage

Recycling plastic bottles

Garden paths and walkways made with plastic bottles caps

Many plastic bottles are made with up to 100 % recycled plastic. Synthetic fabrics, fiberfill, carpeting, packaging, polyester clothes, home fabrics, textiles, and new containers are created with recycled plastic. Recycling just five two-liter bottles can produce enough polyester for a square yard of carpet. When you recycle already recycled plastic, you create truly Green decorations and gifts.

Plastic recycling provides a durable material to produce contemporary plastic lumber, patio furniture, roadside curbs, storage trunks and garden benches. Manufacturing new things require electricity, so when you recycle plastic bottles for yard decorations, you save resources and protect the plant. DIY backyard designs and garden decorations are beautiful ways to recycle plastic bottles.

Attractive greenhouse design recycling plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are made from petroleum, a non-renewable resource. Recycling at home saves oil, electricity, water, and landfill space. Each year, the economic and environmental costs of running a landfill business increase, so plastic recycling helps protect the environment, save money and resources.

Green building and plastic recycling ideas

DIY backyard ideas

1. Green building ideas to recycle plastic bottles for storage sheds, garden houses, and outdoor storage spaces.

2. Creating garden beds and walkway borders.

Garden beds created with plastic bottles

3. Building boats and floating docks.

How to recycle plastic bottles for small boats and floating docks

4. Building sun shades.

Sunshades and canopies to recycle plastic bottles

5. Creating walls for greenhouses with wooden frames.

Green building ideas, greenhouse made with recycled plastic bottles

6. Making rain curtains, decorative screens, and outdoor room dividers with plastic bottles pieces and caps.

Rain curtains, decorative screens, and outdoor room dividers to recycle plastic bottles caps

7. Making colorful walkways and garden paths with plastic caps.

Recycling plastic bottles caps for colorful walkways

8. Decorating exterior walls with colorful bottles caps.

House exterior wall decorating with recycled plastic caps

9. Turning plastic bottles into water sprinklers for green lawns and flower beds.

DIY water sprinklers recycling plastic bottles

10. Building fences with plastic bottles and decorating with colorful caps.

Green building with plastic bottles and caps, colorful fence decorating ideas

11. Creating vertical gardens with plastic bottle planters.

Ways to reuse and recycle plastic bottles for planters, vertical garden design and Green wall decorating

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