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Large floral wallpaper patterns, green leaves and tree branches wallpapers design and modern wallpaper patterns that combine nature inspired motifs with romantic or exotic elements are latest wallpapers trends that celebrate interior design in eco style. Beautiful wallpapers in soft and light colors, including green, green-yellow, white, blue, gray, beige, lilac and pink colors, are perfect for wall decorating ideas in rooms with wooden furniture and ceramic accessories.

Easy recognizable or abstract branches, leaves and flowers are modern wallpaper patterns that can emphasize unique wall decorating ideas, demonstrate your appreciation of natural beauty and artistic talents. Nature inspired, modern wallpaper patterns are great for giving a fresh look to your interior design in spring, decorating just one wall with branches, leaves or beautiful flowers, covering all wall surfaces or creating interesting combination with paint, wallpaper, different colors and designs.

Soft pastel colors, light wall decorating ideas, eco-friendly or natural materials are organic elements of eco interior design style. Monochromatic color combination and neutral color tones are excellent choices for interior design in eco style. Wall decorating ideas that include large, inspired by nature, wallpaper and three-four color combination, that look great with traditional or contemporary wooden furniture and all naturalĀ  fabrics, are stylish interior design trends that are attractive and popular.

Blue and green wallpapers with leaves, modern wallpaper patterns for interior design in eco style

Comfortable wooden color shades, various textures of eco friendly and natural fabrics, wicker or wood furniture, (Solid wood furniture, eco interior style) wooden accessories and green plants beautifully define eco interior design style.

How to choose modern wallpaper for eco style wall decorating

1. Modern wallpaper patterns in soft natural colors, combined light and dark brown colors and neutral tones are perfect for eco interior design style.
2. Shiny surfaces and strong contrasts are not typical for eco interior design style.
3. Nature inspired motifs, that are reflections of existing plants, flowers, grass, branches, trees, birds or butterflies.

Beautiful wallpapers with pink butterflies, beige leaves and flowers, eco interior design style and wall decorating ideas

Floral wallpaper patterns

Spring home decorating, modern trend,classic technique
Designer fabrics and modern floral wallpaper patterns
Wall decorating with poppy flower wallpaper

Modern wallpaper colors for eco style

1. Wallpaper patterns in soft white , beige, sand, cream, camel, light gray and grayish tones, combined with pastel colors.
2. Soft monochromatic colors, combined with neutral light colors.
3. Two analogous light pastel colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel.
4. Green, green-yellow and light brown colors. (Green wallpapers for room decorating)
5. Light pastel blue, yellow, pink and purple tones.

Beautiful wallpapers, inspired by grass, in blue and gray colors

Eco style decorating ideas

Modern eco style wall tiles designs
Modern bedroom decor themes, eco style decorating
Decorating laundry room in eco style

Modern wallpaper design trends

Latest wallpapers for eco wall decorating ideas combine natural motifs with minimalist interior design style colors, pink or purple romantic color tones and ethnic or exotic animal skin patterns.

1. Wallpaper patterns for eco interior design style, combined with minimalist style

Modern wallpaper patterns in soft neutral colors that include monochromatic and analogous stripes (Room decor with stylish stripes) are one of interior design trends for wall decorating in eco style.

Stripes in neutral colors, modern wallpaper patterns for minimalist and eco interior design
Latest wallpapers with vertical stripes, eco bathroom decorating ideas

2. Wallpaper patterns for eco interior design style with romantic flavor

Latest wallpapers, that offer soft pink colors and delicate design, or large flower wallpaper patterns in pastel blue, light purple and pink colors add romantic charm to neutral eco interior design style.

Soft purple butterfly and flower wallpaper patterns, eco interior design style
Green leaves and pink flower wallpaper patterns for wall decorating in eco style

3. Wallpaper patterns for eco interior design style with ethnic and exotic accents

Warm and soft palette unites African motifs or tropical animal skin patterns with natural element and colors of eco interior design style, offering interesting wallpaper patterns for wall decorating.

Modern wallpaper patterns and wall decorating ideas in eco style
Ethnic African accents, beautiful wallpapers in warm colors for wall decorating

Geometric designs and animal skin patterns, combined with rich orange, amber, apricot, ocher, peach, sienna, light brown and reddish brown colors create unique, cozy and sensual wallpapers that bring exotic chic into interior design in eco style.

Modern wallpaper patterns

Black wallpaper patterns, mysterious room wall decor
Kids room decor with playful shadows
Wallpaper patterns, modern curve

Latest wallpapers in cream and beige colors with treen branches pattern for wall decorating in eco style

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