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Impressive red poppy flower pattern, red and black dining room decorating ideas, red furniture, red-black wall decoration


Red poppy bouquet or poppy flower pattern on wallpaper and decor accessories are associated with pleasure. In many ancient cultures red poppy bouquet or poppy flower pattern is the  symbol of fertility. Red poppy bouquet symbolized a woman’s wish to have a large family with many children. Blooming poppy bouquet or poppy flower wallpaper adds the image of elegant beauty and the symbol of  feminine charm to modern room decorating ideas, creating attractive red accents with red floral pattern on wallpapers, curtains, cushions or dinnerware.

The ancient Greeks believed that red poppy flower bouquet is a special gift, and red poppy floral pattern was created by the god of sleep Hypnos. Soporific effect of the poppy flower was well known in antiquity, and red floral pattern, symbolizing youth, was used for clothing and room decorating ideas to attract physical and mental health.

Impressive red poppy flower pattern, red and black dining room decorating ideas

Modern red wallpaper patterns, especially red and black wallpapers, visually reduce the size of rooms. Red flower pattern on wallpaper, including red poppy flower wallpaper design, increases the size of the wall, offering impressive room decorating ideas. Red flower pattern on white-red wallpaper or red and black wallpaper are perfect for accentuation. (Look at modern wall wallpapers patterns.)

Red poppy wallpaper flower pattern is not the best choice for wall decorating in children’s bedroom and kitchen.  Red wallpaper with large flower pattern is too dramatic for the craft room decorating and too stimulating for the dining room decorating also. Red dinnerware with floral pattern is a better choice for welcoming, warm and bright dining room decor.

Generally red wallpaper patterns should not be used for decorating rooms where people relax, although red wallpaper with poppy flower pattern can be recommended for south-western wall decorating in the bedroom to improve love relationship, according to ancient Chinese Feng Shui home design guide. (Look at poppy bedding sets for floral bedroom decorating.)

Red wallpaper patterns, – modern poppy flower wallpaper or traditional tulip and rose floral wallpaper patterns, – are perfect for living room decorating ideas. Red wallpaper patterns demonstrate the wealth and the status of the family, attract physical and mental health, according to ancient believes, including ancient Chinese Feng Shui home design philosophy.

Red wallpaper patterns with beautiful flowers, cushions, room curtains and all room accessories with poppy flower pattern are attractive and soft living room decorating ideas, that create inviting, cozy and pleasant room. (Look at spring room decorating ideas.)

How bright red wallpaper patterns should be, how large wallpaper design details or how many room accessories with floral pattern should be used depends on personal taste and the mood that the living room decorating ideas need to design.

Golden-red living room decorating ideas, red poppy flower wallpaper, red room decor accessories

Red wallpaper designs or red and black wallpaper patterns awoke strong associations with consolation. Red room decor accessories and wallpaper are associated with strength and victory. Red-black wallpapers symbolize overcoming the difficulties. Red wallpaper with a floral pattern brings the softness of beautiful flowers into the room decor. Wallpaper floral pattern offers pleasure and rest, balancing dynamic room decorating ideas with bright red wallpaper patterns.

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Designer fabrics and modern floral wallpaper patterns

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