Moroccan Style, Home Accessories and Materials for Moroccan Interior Design

bathroom decorating with sink in moroccan style
Moroccan style bathroom decorating with white and blue sink and faucet

People worldwide appreciate and admire Moroccan-style furniture and decor accessories, unique textiles, and home decorating fabrics. Spectacular patterns and handmade home decorations are essential parts of sensual Moroccan interior design. Moroccan home decorating and interior design ideas are about rich room colors and ethnic decoration patterns, traditional crafts and modern artworks, incredible Moroccan decorations made of dark wood, leather, glass, beautiful ceramics, and forged metal Moroccan lamps.

Beautiful pottery, bright tile designs, colorful home fabrics, and intricate wood carving are essentials of Moroccan design. In addition, natural decorating fabrics and colorful area rugs with ample cushions, the unique aroma of Moroccan argan oil and mint tea with local spices, dark wood Moroccan furniture, and decor accessories are beautiful home decorating ideas for creating luxurious, colorful, and modern Moroccan decor with exotic flavor.

Blue colors inspiration, Moroccan architecture, home decorating, wall painting ideas

Black and white room decor, fear, protection, purity

Decorating home for Gothic Christmas

Moroccan-style home decorating ideas

Moroccan interior design style, Moroccan fabrics, oversized rugs, Moroccan furniture, decor accessories, red wall paint

Moroccan architecture, interior design, and home decorating ideas come from ancient times and can be easily recognized today, even in contemporary Moroccan home decor.  One of the main principles of Moroccan interior design is utilizing all available empty surfaces and decorating them with impressive Moroccan decorations, intricate patterns, and juicy colors.

Moroccan decor accessories and wall decoration in Moroccan style

Moroccan style home decorating, colorful and sensual interiors, part 1

Moroccan home decorating ideas, unique Moroccan lamps

Since images of people are forbidden in Muslim art and design, Moroccan interior design is based on creating interesting geometric shapes and decoration patterns, arabesques and flower motifs on the floor, ceiling, walls, lighting fixtures, furniture, and decor accessories.

Moroccan tiles for bathroom decorating, Moroccan lanterns for ceiling and wall decor, photo via House Beautiful

Impressive handmade Moroccan decorations are traditionally made of stucco, plaster, or wood. Moroccan home decorating fabrics feature fabulous patterns and bright color combinations. Natural materials, beautiful textiles, and home decorating fabrics created with natural fibers make Moroccan interiors attractive, comfortable, and pleasant.

Moroccan furniture and decor accessories, Moroccan poufs, hanging Moroccan lanterns, photo by katieridderelledecor

Moroccan furniture and decorating materials

Moroccan furniture and decor accessories are made of natural materials, blending wool, silk, glass, leather, clay, and metal into fabulous and unique home furnishings. Colorful and rich Moroccan wool rugs, carved wood furniture and handmade Moroccan decorations, bright decorative cushions made of cotton, wool, or silk fabrics, Moroccan bedding, light decorative curtains, and unique Moroccan lamps are functional and beautiful home furnishings for traditional and modern Moroccan interiors.

Moroccan fabrics and decor accessories, natural materials, Arabian accessories for modern interior design in Moroccan style

Use elegant silk for decorating your home with curtains, bring bright, rich room paint colors and add ethnic character to modern interior design in Moroccan style with ethnic patterns. Soft luxurious home decorating fabrics, floor rugs, and pillows with gorgeous patterns brighten up modern interior design in Moroccan style and create cozy and inviting rooms. Add the Middle Eastern flavor with leather, glass, or forged metal Moroccan lantern designs. Finally, add clay pottery to emphasize the exotic Moroccan style.

Modern bedroom decorating with wooden furniture in Moroccan style

Moroccan style calls for rich room colors and ethnic interior design ideas that include carved wood furniture, doors, wall mirror frames, and Middle Eastern or African decor accessories – wool rugs, silky curtains and bedding fabrics with traditional patterns, Moroccan lamps made of ceramic, leather, glass, or forged metal.

Window seat with soft cushions in Moroccan style

Forging refines the metal grain structure, allowing the creation of intricate and unique Moroccan lamps. These lighting fixtures, combined with forged metal kitchen items, tea accessories, and vases, add wonderful, amazing, and beautiful accents for Moroccan interiors.

Moroccan fabrics and wall decor, photo by Martyn Lawrence

Made of forged metal handrails, furniture decoration, floor and table lamps, mirror frames, pendant lights, and Moroccan lanterns make the modern interior design unique and charming, enhancing the chic and exotic feel of the Moroccan style.

Moroccan design, forged metal Moroccan lantern
Colorful Moroccan poufs, leather furniture, decor accessories

Moroccan style wool rugs and decorating fabrics

Using bright and colorful wool rugs, kilims, or thin large rugs with traditional geometric patterns is the quickest way to Moroccan interior design. In addition, a few leather ottomans, or Moroccan poufs, and large cushions made of soft decorating fabrics add comfort and an exotic look to Moroccan interior design and decorating ideas.

Moroccan poufs, silk canopy, wool rugs and soft home decorating fabrics, Moroccan interior design with dark wood furniture and Moroccan lamps

Silk canopies, inspired by traditional desert tents, attractively decorate Moroccan interiors and protect the sleeping, dining, and seating areas.

Moroccan style decor accessories

Rich room colors and ethnic patterns, traditional crafts and modern artworks, incredible handmade Moroccan decorations created of leather or glass, fantastic mosaic tile designs, ceramics, and forged metal Moroccan lamps, combined with carved wood furniture and luxurious silky decorating fabrics for bedding and curtains, make Moroccan style interior design so warm and comfortable, attractive and popular.

Moroccan style bathroom decorating with white and blue sink and faucet
Moroccan furniture with carved wood details
Moroccan bedroom decorating with forged metal accessories and colorful fabrics
Moroccan bedroom decorating with ethnic patterns and red color
Moroccan design for kitchen backsplash
Outdoor home decorating with Moroccan fabrics and upholstered furniture, canopy tent
Moroccan fabrics and rich room colors
Forged metal Moroccan lamp
Outdoor home decor ideas in Moroccan style
Carved wood bed headboard, Moroccan design

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