Modern Floral Room Decor Trends, Red Poppies on Walls

beautiful flowers, green red and black wall decoration with poppy flowers wall stickers
Poppy flowers room decor theme, beautiful flowers painting on the wall



There is a beautiful tradition to wear artificial red poppy flowers before Remembrance Day in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. These simple artificial flowers are worn to commemorate those who died in wars. These beautiful and meaningful flowers make wonderful wall decorations also.

According to ancient Chinese Feng Shui philosophy, red poppy flowers are the symbol of the sun. Red poppy flowers have the warmest, the most exciting and powerful color, offering fabulous decorations. Floral room decor themes, especially the attractive poppy flower images and green, red and black color combination of these beautiful flowers, are modern interior decorating ideas that add personality to any living space.

According to the ancient philosophy of Feng Shui home design and interior decorating, poppy flowers in the house are a sign of providence and truth. Poppy flowers bestow abundance, bringing the desired into the house and making people happy.

Remembrance Day red poppy flower

Home decorating with ref poppy flowers

Red poppy flowers are beautiful flowers with gorgeous and tender petals that can add the green, red and black color combination to room decor. Red poppy flowers create spectacular floral designs, gorgeous upholstery fabrics, modern tableware, curtains and cushions, bedding fabrics and wall decor.

Remembrance Day door decorating ideas

Spring home decorating and modern floral decor trends

Red poppy flowers are the fabulous interior decorating theme, that beautify rooms with the green, red and black color combinations and add bright floral designs to modern room decor. The green, red and black color schemes, inspired by these beautiful flowers and used for modern interior decorating, feel provocative, dramatic and exciting.

Red poppy flowers and modern floral room decor ideas

Green, red and black color combinations and floral designs for wall decorating, red poppy flowers for living room wall decor
Wall decorating, red and black color combination, wall painting ideas, red poppy flowers on walls

Red color is the first color, which new-born babies begin to distinguish. Interior decorating ideas with red colors excite and stimulate. The green, red and black color schemes, inspired by red poppies, offer the attractive ways to brighten up room decor and create balanced, cheerful and modern interior decorating.

Black and white room decor ideas and red accents

Fall decorating with flowers, fall ideas and color schemes

Interior decorating ideas, that incorporate relaxing green color shades and red-black color combination into wall decor, are modern trends in decorating with floral images that make rooms feel softer, lighter and quieter.

Beautiful flowers for wall decorating, red and black color combination, red poppies

The green, red and black color schemes, inspired by red poppies, are great for creating optimistic and bright modern interior decorating. Inspired by red poppy flowers room decor theme will always catch a lot of attention.

Modern interior decorating ideas, black and white with other color

Edible flower cuisine and food presentation

Selecting green, red and black color schemes, that include relaxing green color shades, exciting red colors and classy black, are stylish painting ideas. The beautiful flower designs and green, red and black color schemes are beautiful interior decorating ideas that turn simple accessories or wall decor into spectacular and bright.

Modern interior decorating ideas, wall decorating with red poppy flowers

Do you want to become a magician turning your wall decor into a spectacular blooming display? Garnish your interior decorating ideas with bright red poppy flowers by decorating your walls with floral wallpaper, wall stickers or painting these beautiful flowers on the wall.

Pears, apples and interior decorating ideas

Black and gray decor ideas for baby rooms

Fresh poppy flowers are very tender and loose their petals very quickly. Painted on the wall, these beautiful flowers create bright room decor with floral designs that can be enjoyed all year round.

Family room and kids room wall decorating, floral room decor theme

Red colors and floral room decor theme look harmonious and natural with attractive accents in green color. The green, red and black color schemes, inspired by red poppy flowers, are versatile and perfect for wall decorating in modern bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, family room, baby rooms, hallways and kids bedrooms.

3d virtual home decorating

Room decor with stylish stripes illusion

Poppy flowers room decor theme, beautiful flowers painting on the wall
Trendy interior decorating ideas, red flowers wall decorating

If you decide to decorate your walls with red paint and floral designs, red poppy flowers are great interior decorating ideas. Bright, nature inspired, warm and harmonious, the green, red and black color combinations look pleasant and very attractive.

Kitchen decorating to dress up the fridge

Red and white dinnerware, floral pattern

Remember that too much of red color is annoying and irritating. Use red colors only for bold interior decorating accents and create beautiful rooms with floral designs and stylish color combinations.

Green carpet turquoise walls with beautiful flowers, red poppy flower decor theme
Red poppy flowers for bedroom decorating, floral room decor theme
Beautiful red flowers, wall painting ideas, modern room decor theme

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