Modern Cat Furniture Design Ideas, Wall Mounted and Heated Beds

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Modern cat furniture are available in various shapes, styles, sizes and colors. Eco friendly cat beds are made of natural or eco friendly materials, that are washable and provide more comfort to pets. Contemporary wall mounted cat beds offer functional and stylish space saving solutions for small apartments.

Heated cat beds are the most technologically advanced furniture design ideas for cats. Heated cat beds reach the comfortable temperature due to heating elements, built in a cat bed under a layer of foam. The upper layer of heated cat beds is made of soft contemporary materials, like plush sheepskin and eco friendly felt, that cats enjoy. (Eco friendly felt, materials and gift ideas)

Eco friendly, creative and unique cat furniture design ideas are presented by Vintage Renaissance Blog, Luxurious cat furniture is made of old suitcases. Nice large pillows help cats feel comfortable and warm in heated cat bed. The pillow is made of cotton fabric with eco friendly filler. Eco friendly fabrics, used for making unique cat furniture pieces, are available in various colors.

Unique cat furniture

Unique cat furniture design, modern cat bed
Modern cat furniture design, heated cat bed

Modern cat furniture design expert Norton made the conclusion that heated retro-modern cat bed design is ergonomic, inviting and comfortable.

Norton recommends to make modern cat beds of old suitcases and boxes for all cats.

Creative cat bed

Unique cat bed with a soft cushion

Stylish home decor, room decorating ideas from cats and dogs
Contemporary cat house designs

Unique cat house design ideas

Eco friendly wicker cat house, modern cat furniture design
Unique furniture design for cats, cat house made of eco friendly fabrics

Modern furniture design, cat bed-shelf

The exhibition ICFF in New York showed few comfortable, eco friendly and modern cat furniture design ideas. The most functional, economical and space saving furniture design for cats is a simple and stylish wooden shelves from Akemi Tanako, Designer cat furniture is made of plywood and can be placed on the wall at the comfortable height.

Pet furniture design ideas, modern cat bed shelf
Shelves for cat beds, eco friendly modern furniture for cats, made of wood

Creative, stylish and space saving cat beds, offered by Akemi Tanaka Inc. are perfect for city cats, living in small apartments. Lightweight mattress can be secured on a shelf with buttons or velcro fasteners on the shelf. Attractive curvy shape and elegant simplicity of modern cat beds make designs wonderful items for small apartment decorating.

Wall shelves for cats

Keeping cats off home furniture is important. Cat friendly materials and creative cat furniture design ideas help protect your home furniture and please cats.

Cat scratching furniture ideas, wall mounted cat beds, space saving ideas
Modern cat furniture, wall mounted shelves for cats

Cat tree concepts with wall mounted shelves are functional and stylish. Lacking useless elements, space saving and modern cat furniture is a great solution for small homes and apartments.

Great combination of a cat tree and a wall mounted shelf for cats

Inspired by modern cat furniture design ideas, you can use few wall mounted shelves and create your custom made cat tower on the wall. If you add a piece of carpeting material and fix it on the wall below the lowest shelf, then you will get a small scratching post and modern cat bed combination.

Cat furniture and grooming design ideas

Modern cat furniture design for function and attraction
Design ideas for stylish furry pets
Pet grooming designs for fashion stylish dogs and cats

Modern cat

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