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Cats are wonderful companions, but occasionally they scratch home furniture, returning to their favorite items repeatedly. Why not to give them their own cat furniture pieces and toys to play with? Since cats are very territorial and smart, their own furniture items are necessary and very important for cats well-being.

A cat is not scratching furniture to be difficult and destructive. Scratching furniture could be territorial warning and communicating. Also a cat is scratching furniture during play or to stretch, when a cat is angry or to greet an owner. They just scratch. Unfortunately cats can damage room furniture, and it is impossible to change cats behaviors. Modern cat furniture design offers great ideas, pleasant materials for cats so these pets can play, scratch and enjoy life in style.

Cats prefer cozy enclosed furniture design or tree-like structures. Comfortable and small cat condos feel safe and cozy. Modern cats condos, made of great for scratching materials, are wonderful furniture design ideas for cats. If your cat is young and active, consider a cat tree or cats playground design. Designers offer attractive cat tree designs for small and large cats, but you can built your own cat tree and save money.

Modern cat furniture

Warm and cozy modern cats beds with playful details
Modern cat furniture in contemporary style

It is good to have stylish, interesting, comfortable and modern cat furniture at home, so your cats can play, perch and claw without destroying your favorite furniture pieces. You need a patience, a bit of time and effort to find an attractive, functional and modern cat furniture for your pet that is attractive and cat-scratching friendly.

Modern cat furniture designs that are perfect for your home interior design style and your cats can be expensive, but they will save hundreds of dollars on your new furniture.

Modern cat furniture, cozy cat condo

Cat furniture styles

If your cats could, what furniture design would they select for your home? Modern or retro style cat furniture? Contemporary and luxurious leather furniture? Traditional, functional, warm and comfortable wooden furniture?

Is your cats so stylish that would choose charming and space saving European furniture? Would your cats feel excited about playful, innovative and unusual modern furniture designs? All cats are different, but they are honest about what they like. Cats choose functional, warm, safe and cozy furniture design ideas.

Contemporary cat furniture design

European company Cat Interiors, offers functional  and modern cat furniture, beautiful cat and dog accessories and toys for pets. The company experiments with new furniture design ideas, developing interesting concepts and using pet-friendly materials to please cats and dogs, and make their owners happy.

Home furnishings for cats and dogs are developed with an emphasis on modern ideas and functional design. Cozy cats beds and playful accessories make the hearts of design fans beat faster. Simple and elegant, modern cat and dog furniture design is beautiful, functional, healthy and cozy.

Modern furniture design, leather furniture for cats, cat cave
Modern cat bed, functional and cozy furniture for cats

The company sells only pet furniture pieces that were tested and which pets accepted, approved and got attracted to. All products for cats are thoughtfully designed with cats in mind. Cats beds are beautiful and versatile, and can be integrated into any modern living space.

Unique furniture for cats, wall mounted shelves and heated cat beds

Modern furniture design for cats, wicker cat condo with metal frame

Their modern pet furniture designs, made of leather, wicker and natural or eco friendly fabrics add stylish accents to modern room decorating and provide comfortable beds for pets.

Cheap cat tree design ideas, simple diy cat furniture

Modern cat furniture design, functional and cozy cat bed

Interesting and playful, modern cat furniture design ideas offer various attractive choices for selecting perfect furniture items that will look great in any room in the house, matching existing home decor and interior design style.

Stylish home decor, room decorating tips from cats and dogs

Contemporary pet bed, modern cat furniture design

Traditional wood furniture design ideas

Feng shui home with pets

Contemporary cat house designs

Whisker Studio, has a wonderful, interesting and attractive collection of modern cat furniture items, including cat condos, cat scratches and cat tree towers. Traditional wooden furniture in various colors, natural materials and creative ideas are blended into modern furniture for pets that are attractive and versatile, suitable for any traditional home decor.

Cat furniture, made of wood, cat tree
Wooden furniture collection for cats

The company offers functional and stylish wood cat furniture that can match classic, country home, eclectic and traditional interior design styles. Wooden furniture and accessories are made of birch and stained. Rounded corners, smooth edges and organic shapes create comfortable and cozy cat furniture that will organically blend with existing home decor items.

Modern cat furniture made of birch wood

Modern design ideas for pets

Design ideas for stylish furry pets

Luxury boarding hotel for paws

Pet grooming designs for fashion stylish dogs and cats

White cat and window seat with cushions

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