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dog boarding facility with indoor poolng sitting
Luxury dog boarding facility, photo by nombiz



Pet lovers visiting the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida can now plan to board a family pet in luxurious, stylish, and comfortable dogs and cats resort accommodations. The beautiful and spacious pet boarding resort comprises more than 50,000 square feet of space, offering extensive air-conditioned indoor pet facilities and a park with play areas.

A family pet can enjoy covered runs and a few play areas designed for dogs. Pet sitters take dogs to a private park designed exclusively for pet resort clients and their dogs. Feline guests stay in the separate Kitty City pavilion, away from the dogs’ area. All dog boarding suites and cats condos are designed to provide each pet home-like comfort and relaxation.

Modern cat furniture design for function and attraction

Playful and modern cat furniture

Modern hotel accommodations for dogs and cats include air-conditioned rooms, large indoor-outdoor private pet boarding suits, and four VIP (Very Important Pet) suites for wealthy pets with the TV, raised pet beds, and small private outdoor yards for elite guests.

Luxurious dog boarding facility

Dog boarding facility

The pet resort area has a beautiful park that features a fenced walking trail. The luxurious dog boarding facility is bordering the natural wetlands which stretch around the park. Dogs and cats can enjoy different play areas. Stylish pets resort offers a large covered area on artificial turf, and a nice spot shaded with trees for dogs to relax and cool down.

Pets bedroom party, luxury dog boarding facility, photo by

The contemporary pet resort has a water park for guests and a particular area for pet owners to visit their dogs and watch them playing. The playground for dogs is safe, secured, and illuminated after dark. Whether staying for a full day or just overnight, the personnel makes sure that every pet is healthy and happy.

Lakefront hotel design for wealthy paws

Unique hotel experience in redesigned, old planes

Best Friends Pet Care Inc, has expanded to more than 40 pet boarding centers. In addition, the company currently operates five hotels and pet sitting services at the Walt Disney World Resort. All pet rooms and suites are thoughtfully designed to provide a high level of comfort and privacy.

Room design for modern pets

Pet boarding facility, luxury dog boarding suite with raised bed, TV, and private outdoor area

Standard rooms for dogs have a heater and an air conditioner. In addition, the pet boarding facility offers private rooms with a pet bed or cot and a private outdoor area. Pets enjoy climate-controlled dog suites and cats condos with comfortable raised beds for overnight boarding.

Three dogs playing with toys in new pets boarding facilities

Modern dog boarding in vacation villas with two rooms offers spacious room design for pets with tiles on the floor and toys. Raised pet beds and flat-panel TVs, placed at dogs’ eye level, create an excellent atmosphere for complete relaxation. Each pet room design features an outdoor patio for walking breaks.

Dogs in play areas

The modern pet boarding facility offers VIP suites for the ultimate experience. Each VIP pet room has a small yard, where a pet can enjoy private time with the family or a personal pet sitter. Luxurious pet suites feature spacious room designs and stylish interior decorating for wealthy pets. The Best Friends boarding facility offers a VIP room design with paw prints on the floor and wall tiles.  Glass doors keep rooms bright and comfortable. Soft cat and dog beds and flat-panel TVs, programmed for special guests’ entertainment, create wonderful boarding places.

Running dogs in the play area

The super luxury dog boarding package includes a wide range of daily complimentary activities and pet sitter service, walks in the park, ice cream treats, and a bedtime story read by a personal dog sitter each night. In addition, after three days, a guest receives a complimentary bath and pet grooming service.

Sleeping dog on a giant floor cushion in front of the fireplace
Dogs on beach chairs

Cats condos and cat beds

Cats condos provide luxurious accommodations for pets also. Cats relax in comfortable condos with private relief areas. In addition, the pet boarding facility offers a cozy and safe environment with inviting and warm cat beds.

Modern cats furniture, wooden cat tree painted white color

Mini pet boarding

The modern pet boarding facility offers a safe retreat for small pets. Pocket pets, such as hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, and ferrets are invited to enjoy a stress-free atmosphere, staying comfortable and happy in their own housings/cages.

Miniature pets boarding facilities

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