Contemporary Kitchen Design, Fridges Built into Kitchen Furniture, 50 Modern Ideas

pink kitchen cabinets
Pink kitchen colors, built-in refrigerator


Built-in fridges create a sleek, contemporary look in modern kitchens. Add a refrigerator in any color to brighten your kitchen design and create a beautiful accent that enhances your kitchen decorating. Also, wine coolers and freezers built into wall niches or under countertops give kitchen interiors a clean look.

Check out the Lushome collection of inspiring built-in fridge ideas and see if you like these modern kitchen designs. Modern fridges look lovely integrated with furniture, and not only in kitchen cabinets. Built into office furniture, these home appliances create functional and attractive contemporary designs.

Contemporary design, built-in kitchen appliances

Modern kitchen trends integrating the TV into interior design

Pros and cons of built-in kitchen appliances, adding elegant touches to modern kitchens

Built-in fridges in modern interiors

Wood kitchen cabinets and shelves, built-in fridge

Stylish home bars, pantries, and kitchen interiors are suitable places for built-in fridges, coolers, and freezers. You have to choose the color and material for designing a cabinet for a refrigerator to transform the space design and make it look contemporary and organized.

Futuristic design ideas in small kitchen appliances

Unique retro-modern kitchen appliances

Contemporary design, small kitchen appliances of the future

Built-in kitchen appliances are not only attractive but convenient and space-saving. Even in small spaces, you can improve the interior design functionality with built-in kitchen appliances and give them a contemporary touch while improving kitchen decorating.

Contemporary kitchen design with built-in fridge and blue cabinets
Black kitchen design, built-in fridge
Built-in cabinet for a cooler, home bar design
Stainless-steel fridge built-into kitchen cabinets
Built-in kitchen appliances
Pink kitchen colors, built-in refrigerator

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