7 Modern Kitchen Design Trends Stylishly Incorporating TV sets into Kitchen Interiors

tv built in kitchen island

Kitchen island design with wood countertop and built in TV


Thinking about Adding a TV to your kitchen? Here is a collection of 20 modern kitchen design ideas that might help you to select the best option for incorporating a TV into your kitchen design and add more fun and convenience to your multifunctional kitchen interior, making it perfect for entertaining.

These modern kitchen designs with TV sets are developed by professional designers and architects and give great inspiration for incorporating a TV into your kitchen interior and finding an ideal place for your TV set. The placeĀ  has to provide a convenient and safe for the TV location, protection from heat, moisture and splashes.

The TV should be seen from the dining table and from the cooking area while enhancing modern kitchen design and harmoniously blending with your kitchen interior decor. One of space saving option is to place the TV inside a kitchen cabinet with a retractable and rotating shelf. A retractable base for the TV allow you to slide it and enjoy your favorite shows from any point of your dining area and kitchen interior.

Modern kitchen design trends and ideas

Large kitchen island with dining area and conveniently placed TV set

Modern kitchen ideas and design trends

Modern kitchen design trends, redesigning kitchen interiors

Major modern kitchen design trends 2013 reflecting contemporary lifestyle

Top 7 kitchen design trends incorporating TVs

Top 7 modern kitchen design trends that allow attractively incorporate TV sets into kitchen interiors include retractable shelves, located inside wood kitchen cabinets and large kitchen islands, ceiling and wall mount brackets and waterproof kitchen TV sets designs.

1. TV on kitchen cabinet shelf

If your kitchen cabinet has sufficiently deep open shelf, which can be used to accommodate the TV, it is a simple way to incorporate the TV set into your kitchen design. You can simply remove the door from one of the hanging kitchen cabinets and adjust the shelf for your TV. If the shelf is located at a comfortable level for viewing it provides an ideal position for your kitchen TV set.

Wood kitchen cabinets with built in TV, modern kitchen design trends

Small kitchen design can be enhanced by placing your TV on the highest level under the ceiling. This kitchen arrangement provides a safe place for the TV, but you need to watch it looking upwards and raising the head, which can be uncomfortable.

Top 16 modern kitchen design trends 2013, kitchen decor and furniture

Top 8 contemporary kitchen design trends 2013, modern kitchen interiors

Modern kitchen design ideas and small kitchen color trends 2013

2. TV on the fridge

Placing the TV above the fridge is another common and space saving solution for small kitchen interiors, although it places the TV too high for comfortable viewing.

TV set on stainless steel fridge, light wood kitchen cabinets and large kitchen island with sink

3. Built-in kitchen TV

Wood kitchen cabinets allow to embed the TV into kitchen furniture or a shelf. Wood kitchen cabinets provide a solid base and allow to place the TV at the comfortable height, efficiently and attractively incorporating the TV into any kitchen interior.

White kitchen countertops, dark kitchen cabinets with stainless steel fridge and built in TV

4. Retractable TVs in kitchen islands

Retractable TV is a very convenient option for organizing your multifunctional and modern kitchen interior. The TV can be hidden inside kitchen island when not needed without disturbing a stylish and spacious appearance of modern kitchen design. This placement preserves the aesthetic look and unity of kitchen decor while harmoniously bringing modern digital technology into kitchen design.

Kitchen island design with wood countertop and built in TV

5. Waterproof kitchen TV screen

Empty walls behind kitchen sinks are excellent places for kitchen TVs. High kitchen backsplash design, combined with a waterproof kitchen TV screen create functional and convenient arrangement. Built-in to tiled kitchen backsplash waterproof TV Hydra sets one of the latest kitchen design trends that make homes more functional, comfortable and enjoyable.

Waterproof TV screen and high tiled kitchen backsplash, modern kitchen design trends

6. Wall mount TV bracket

Wall mount TV bracket is the most popular kitchen design trend that allows quick and easy to add the TV to your kitchen interior and simply adjust its position for your different activities.

Dark wood kitchen cabinets and wall mount TV

7. Ceiling mount TV

Ceiling TV design is less popular, but very convenient and impressive. Flexible cables allows to place kitchen TVs in ceiling niches and change their positions, rotating and moving TVs between dining areas and kitchen interiors.

Ceiling mount kitchen TV in open living space uniting seating and dining areas with kitchen interior, contemporary kitchen design trends

Photographs of kitchen designs by dC Fine Homes & Interiors, Seura, Rina Magen, Studio Sarah Willmer, Crisp Architects, Chadbourne+Doss Architects, Angel Mangarakov, Showplace Wood Products, Case Design/Remodeling

  by Ena Russ   

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