Hollywood Sign Hotel Project, Danish Architectural Dream in 3d Models

3d design idea for hollywood hotel
Hollywood sign, large white letters, California



The most famous sight in Los Angeles, California, the giant Hollywood sign letters, is in jeopardy. Hollywood sign hotel design can be a great solution. The city authorities are considering to get rid of Hollywood sign. 28 year old architect Christian Bay-Jorgensen with Danish design architectural firm Bay Arch proposed to keep the iconic Hollywood sign, using large white letters as an architectural project inspiration for a new luxury hotel in LA.

Contemporary hotel design project includes building the highest city hotel and transforming the Hollywood sign letters and famous sight location into letter-shaped hotel units. Supposedly the best hotel in LA, new architectural complex will offer 308 luxury hotel rooms, luxury hotel observation deck and amazing panoramic view from the hill above the legendary city.

Creative contemporary architectural project is about saving the Hollywood sign letters and building beautiful accommodations in Los Angeles. Luxury hotel architectural 3d design looks exactly like the Hollywood sign, saving infamous HOLLYWOOD letters that have been always sponsored privately by famous people and big companies. New luxury hotel design will take care of them in this sense.

Hollywood sign, large white letters, California

Hollywood sign letters

The problem with the Hollywood sign is so big, that the city announced a contest to find the best way of maintaining large white letters on a hill.

Christian Bay-Jorgensen has developed 3d models of modern hotel interiors and contemporary architecture of proposed luxury hotel in Hollywood, demonstrating practical and helpful architectural solutions and creative design ideas for saving the legendary Los Angeles attraction that is getting destroyed.

Luxury hotel in Hollywood

Danish architectural design company Bay Arch, www.bayarch.dk/ is a group of experts who are offering a modern architecture project that will guarantee the Hollywood sign presence and its good condition for many decades.

Hollywood sign, LA attractions, California, famous sight, white letters today
Designer hotel in Hollywood, luxury hotels in Los Angeles, contemporary architecture, 3d models

Simple white letters will be easily recognized in architecture of romantic luxury hotel, which this creative and interesting modern design project proposed.

Modern architecture of new Hollywood sign hotel will be well seen from the city, and each of the luxury hotel suites will offer a stunning view of the valley and the factory of dreams Hollywood. Contemporary interior design ideas and unique locations will attract tourists, promising unforgettable experience.

Architectural 3d models of large white letters, contemporary architecture, architectural visualization of Hollywood sign hotel on the hill above Hollywood, LA, California

Unique contemporary architecture of the new luxury hotel will look exactly like famous white letters of Hollywood sign. Impressive hotel design will increase their size more than twice.

Luxury hotel in Hollywood, architectural 3d design, contemporary architecture
Unique luxury hotel, 3d models of famous white letters, HOLLYWOOD sign hotel design

Architectural visualizations present not only exclusive luxury hotel interior design, but 3d models of an impressive viewing platform on the Hollywood sign hotel roof for the public.

Modern hotel design ideas, contemporary architecture, HOLLYWOOD letters
Contemporary architecture and design, architectural 3d design, unique hotel architecture

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