Stylish Home Decor, Room Decorating Tips from Cats and Dogs

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What room decorating ideas our pets, cats and dogs, would suggest if they could talk? Stylish and practical home decor items, light room colors and healthy decorating ideas that add elegance to home interiors and create safe and fun environment for pets are important elements of comfortable, functional and pleasant room interior design that pets and their owners enjoy.

According to researchers many pet owners are ready to pay a lot of money, when it comes to their cats and dogs comfortable and modern furniture, healthy food for pets, stylish grooming designs, (Pet grooming designs for fashion stylish cats and dogs) and attractive home decor items. Every year people spend billions of dollars on their pets, considering them family members and taking care of pets health, comfort, entertainment and look. (Pets grooming design ideas for stylish furry pets)

Cats and dogs are different and prefer different room decor, but all pets like comfortable and warm interior decorating ideas, enjoy comfortable and fresh home decor. Selecting soothing light room colors and natural materials, solid and stable designs, washable and soft fabrics for your home decor items and pets beds would be appreciated.

Light room colors, leather furniture and natural rugs, pet friendly interior decorating ideas

Room decorating ideas from cats and dogs

1. Soothing and light room colors are great choices for interior decorating, that pets like. White furniture upholstery fabrics, curtains and paint colors offer fresh and relaxing room decorating ideas. Blue and green are calming colors that aid in sleeping. Pink and lilac room colors can be added to home interior decorating to please cats.

2. Plush beds for cats and dogs look gorgeous and luxurious. Soft carpets and sisal rugs feel comfortable and inviting for pets, adding stylish patterns, like polka dot or stripes, and unique textures to home decor. Light room colors help keep your home clean and healthy.

Natural fabric, small rugs on top of large floor carpets, comfortable and warm room decorating ideas for pets

3. Stylish and elegant cats and dogs beds add beautiful accents to interior decorating ideas and bring more joy to pet owners and pets, but make sure that your pets like modern pets furniture designs that support functional room decorating and feel comfortable. (Contemporary cat and small dog house designs)

4. Select natural and eco-friendly materials for your interior decorating ideas and pets furniture, like eco friendly felt, cotton, wool and wood.

5. Consider to recycle (Dog poop recycling and green design) old home decor items, furniture pieces or suitcases, and create unique cats and dogs beds that are perfect for your pets and suit your home interior decorating style.

Recycling ideas, old suitcases for cats beds with soft pillows, made of eco friendly and natural materials

6. If your pets are small or elderly, add stylish indoor pet stairs to your home interior decorating ideas and make your home interiors more comfortable and pet-friendlier.

Wooden pet stairs blend well with wooden floor, creating harmonious and healthy room decor. Upholstered pet stairs can add colorful accents, cozy texture and more interest to your comfortable room decorating ideas.

Solid wood indoor stairs for cats and small dogs, stylish home decor, functional and comfortable room decorating ideas

7. Choose stable, portable and lightweight indoor stairs design, that can be moved from your couch to your car, helping your elderly pets with orthopedic needs to stay close to you and have more fun.

8. Modern furniture pieces, like made of solid wood armoire for storing toys, accessories and clothes, (Small dog clothes design, cute sweaters) are perfect room decor items that add elegance and style to your room decorating ideas, improving home organization and helping keep your home in order.

Storage ideas, modern pets furniture design, wooden armoire for cats accessories, toys and clothes

9. Attractive indoor dog house designs, or a duplex dog house, cat condos and cat trees with a rope toy or a dangling mouse are great home decor items that offer warm and comfortable sleeping spaces for your pets and provide climbing opportunities that cats need and enjoy. (Impressive dog house designs and room decorating ideas)

10. Consider buying contemporary room heaters for your kitties or puppies. Modern room heaters are excellent interior decorating ideas and functional room decor items for creating comfortable and stylish homes.

Removable sofa cushions and washable pillow covers, smart room decorating ideas for homes with pets

11. Practical living room or family room decor items, like modern furniture with removable cushions and pillows that have washable covers, are smart room decorating ideas for homes with pets and small children.

12. Buy stable home decor items, like tripod floor lamps, that add stylish accents and light to your living room colors and offer safe interior decorating ideas for homes with pets.

Stable tripod floor lamp design, safe and stylish room decorating ideas for pets and people

Do not limit your home interior decorating ideas to just people who live in your home. Pets are family members also, and your home decor items should be comfortable for your pets, providing safe environment and offering attractive, modern and practical interior decorating ideas that you enjoy. (Feng Shui home with pets)

Interior decorating ideas and furniture design for pets

Modern pet furniture design for function and attraction
Lakefront hotel design for pets
Luxury dog boarding hotel

Solid wood, natural and eco friendly fabrics, healthy room decorating ideas for people and pets

Photographs by Donna Griffith, Michael Graydon, Mark Burstyn, Virginia MacDonald and Stacey Brandford.

  by Ena Russ   

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