Modern Architectural Designs Offering Cool Alternatives of AC Free Home Interiors

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Green buildings and modern houses with underground structures



Modern architectural designs offering AC-free living spaces are one of the new trends in residential architecture. While air conditioners create a comfortable environment in living areas, these home appliances increase the electrical bills. The generated air is an easy comfort for those lucky enough to have an air conditioner at work and home. However, air conditioning was not always a part of modern house design, and contemporary architectural designs can help reduce the heat and lower the electrical bills.

Air conditioning means a more pleasant environment inside modern houses. Relaxed and inviting living spaces and offices improve our lifestyle. The need for temperature control defines traditional architectural designs, adding thinker walls, high ceilings, and attics to homes. The coast of air conditioning prevents people from building homes in scorching places.

Energy-efficient temperature control will allow moving to areas with sweltering climates and building steel-and-glass houses that blend the contemporary style and sustainable design ideas and offer comfortable and pleasant living spaces and office interiors.

Sustainable architectural design for a serene urban lifestyle

Sustainable home design from Canadian architects, modern house for Green living

Eco-friendly Green building with used empty bottles

Modern Green building ideas creating AC-free home interiors

Modern houses with AC free home interiors for green living

There is a great reason people started living in caves and kept food in them for centuries. Submerged in water architectural designs provide cool interiors naturally. Here is the Lushome collection of modern homes that show sustainable design features that help protect home interiors from the excessive heat in summer.

Green building, sustainable architectural designs of the future

Green building ideas, rooftop garden designs, sustainable architecture

Contemporary Green building with mossy walls and large windows

Thick earthen walls, cave-like house exterior design, Green ideas, like natural air circulation and ventilation strategy, help keep modern houses comfortable in summer and warmer in winter. Also, Green ideas lower electrical bills while creating a pleasant AC-free environment in eco-homes.

Green buildings and modern houses with underground structures

The Chair House design by Igor Sirotov Architect shows natural protection from cold and heat. The cave-like design helps stabilize the temperature inside this modern house, giving a fresh look to house exterior design and adding more comfort to home interiors.

Constructed underground modern architectural designs create naturally cool home interiors. The sun stopped entering the home interiors, but the modern houses’ earth is slow to heat up and cool down, making eco-homes feel warmer in the cold months and fresh in hot seasons.

Images by Contexture Studio, BCHO Architects Associates, Igor Sirotov Architect.

Modern houses with green roofs and underground structures

Sustainable design ideas, modern home interiors
Contemporary house designs with underground structures
Sustainable design ideas for underground eco-homes

Futuristic architectural designs of underwater eco-homes

Futuristic architectural designs, underwater homes
Floating eco-homes with below-ocean-surface living spaces

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