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interior decorating small rooms piano

A modern piano is smaller that a grand piano and takes less space, but requires proper placement and room decorating also. A piano beautifully suits classic interior design and traditional room decor. If you refresh an old piano with paint and exciting decoration patterns, a piano will look great with country style home furnishings in the family room or kids bedroom.

Painting a piano light color and leaving few contemporary home furnishings in the room creates bright and spacious interior design in minimalist style. Removing candle holders, small accessories and photos from pianos top, and combining modern furniture with bright room decor accessories, like a large abstract painting on the wall and colorful cushions, help create attractive and stylish room decorating ideas in contemporary interior design style.

Many interior designers advise to add a music center, television, player, etc. bringing musical theme and high tech contemporary technology into interior design. It is a great room decorating idea if you enjoy music entertainment and music studies, and do not keep a piano in your room temporarily. A piano is a wonderful room decor items that adds elegant style and more interest to modern interior design, creating convenient room design for playing piano fans.

Piano room decorating ideas

Modern interior design and decorating, living room design with a piano and indoor plants

Living room design ideas, room decorating around a grand piano

– Piano placement and room design requirements

Interior decorating and design requirements for rooms with a piano and indoor plants

Room decorating design is ideal, when you place the piano:

1) away from opened windows or protect the piano with blinds, shades and window curtains, – the draft and sunlight can damage your piano,

Silhouette blinds or honeycomb shades

Modern piano in children bedroom, interior design and decorating in the fusion style

2) away from heaters,

Contemporary room heaters for beautiful homes

3) in the room with indoor plants,

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4) in the room with a fish aquarium that creates good environment for a piano.

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5) close to a humidifier in winter.

Classy interior design and decorating ideas for a room with a piano, antiques lamps and flowers

– Room design styles

A grand piano or antique piano from Europe will look and sound great in the room with 4-5 meter (12 15 ft) high stucco ceiling and large windows. Upholstered furniture, made of wood, deep home decor colors and rich window curtains texture in the room with a piano create an ideal environment for playing Mozart and Tchaikovsky.

Classic interior design style, music room decorating ideas with a piano, antique candle holders, lamps and furniture

A small piano looks perfect in smaller rooms and match almost every interior design style, bringing a unique room decor item and music theme into classic, traditional, country and modern homes.

Classic interior design style, room decorating ideas, family room, music room with a black piano, game table and indoor plants

Pianos painted silver, light gray and white cream color, combined with high-tech music center on the top, is a perfect choice for striking contemporary or eclectic room decorating and modern interior design in fusion or pop art styles.

Piano and room decorating in pop art interior design style, music room decor and wall decorations

Spacious minimalist interior design style, that blends neutral and bright colors, simple furniture shapes and impressive wall decorations, white, black, natural wood or light gray piano without candle holders or photos is perfect for designing welcoming, comfortable and stylish interior design.

Contemporary music room decor, modern piano in black color, simple room decor

Black-n-white room design ideas, modern interior decorating
Piano decorating, ancient craft in contemporary style

Black-n-white room decorating, modern interior design with indoor plants and a black piano, black-n-white floor rug, wall decorations and cfurniture upholstery fabric

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  last updated: 24.05.2012