Ergonomic Bedroom Furniture for Teens

contemporary bed for teenage bedroom design
Modern teenage bedroom furniture, bed with integrated computer desk and storage



Every teenager needs a well-organized, functional, stylish and comfortable teens room. Three elements of functional teenage bedroom design are a comfortable bed, effective storage furniture with shelves or closet, and a study area with a modern computer desk and an ergonomic chair.

Today it is hard to imagine teenage bedroom designs without play stations, music centers or small TVs. Teens need a lot of storage. Even a small room for a teenager should include storage furniture pieces, modern book shelves or low storage units with drawers for organizing books, magazines and CDs. Space saving storage furniture designed for small rooms and wall shelves help keep a computer desk top clean and create functional teenage bedroom design.

Contemporary teenage bedroom furniture, that is stylish and functional, is excellent for youthful, attractive and comfortable interior design for young adults. Designer from Brazil, Roberta Rimme developed the concept of interesting, functional and attractive teenage bedroom furniture piece which is ideal for small rooms. This teenage bedroom design includes a bed with integrated furniture items and lighting. The bed with the built-in TV, DVD and play station, a small computer desk and a chair looks creative and original.

Contemporary teenage room design ideas

Modern teenage bedroom furniture, new design ideas for small rooms

These contemporary design ideas created unusual and very attractive space saving storage furniture for teens rooms. Book shelves, bed side organizers for CDs and built-in lighting fixtures for reading create a wonderful space for a teenager to study, play and read.

The compact teenage bedroom furniture piece can be transformed into a comfortable bed at night, offering beautiful and functional small room solution for teens room design.

Modern teenage bedroom furniture, bed with integrated computer desk and storage

Contemporary computer desk for teenage bedroom design

Teens boys room design, organizing functional living space

There is no parent who did not think about the potential harm of a computer to teens health. Quality monitors have built-in protection from radiation, but computer blue light, especially in a dark and small room, is harmful for young eyes and can change sleeping patterns.

Modern teenage room design with adjustable computer desk, ergonomic teenage bedroom furniture

The correct body position, proper computer desk and ergonomic chair designs and ergonomic furniture arrangement are especially important for healthy and comfortable teenage bedroom design which decreases the negative effects of computers on the human body and brain.

Ergonomic desk for young kids and study area design ideas

The distance from teens eyes to a computer screen should be about 70 cm (or 28 inches). A computer screen should be positioned slightly downward, that is why the tilted computer desk is preferable for ergonomic teens room design. A computer screen position should protect eyes from glare. To protect young eyes, a room should be lighten while a teen is working or playing on the computer.

Teenage room with study area, adjustable modern computer desk and ergonomic chair, wall shelves and cabinets

The height of ergonomic computer desk for a teenager is between 60-72 cm (24-28 inches,) and the proper size of computer desk top surface should be at least  80 by 160 cm (or 32 by 63 inches) even in a small bedroom.

Smart space saving ideas to organize cable clutter

If it is possible to find extra space in a small room for a computer desk that has two parts, one part is for writing and another for a computer or a laptop.

Teenage bedroom design, teens computer desk

Of course, modern computer desks with storage shelves, drawers and organizers are a better choice for arranging functional and ergonomic small room design for a teenager.

Stylish space saving bedroom ideas for kids

Ergonomic chair for teenage bedroom design

Small room design with simple storage furniture, teenage bedroom with wall shelves

Ergonomic chair design should have rounded shape, adjustable arm rests, back support and comfortable seat. The seat height should be 40 – 55 cm (or 16 – 22 inches) and tilt range between 10 degrees back to 15 degrees forward. It is important for teens back protection to select good ergonomic chair design with adjustable back support, that allows up to 30 degree adjustment from the vertical position.

Modern teens room design, space saving ideas for small bedroom

The distance from the front edge of the seat to the back support should be adjustable, between 26 and 40 cm ( or 10 – 16 inches.) The most comfortable armrests width is 5 – 7 cm ( or 2 – 3 inches,) and the armrest length should be less than 25 cm ( or 10 inches.) The height of teens ergonomic chair armrests should be adjusted between 23 – 26 cm ( about 10 inches.)

Functional and modern teenage bedroom furniture, storage ideas for small rooms

Buying teenage bedroom furniture

Choosing the bed, small room storage units, wall shelves, modern computer desk and ergonomic chair, ask if teenage bedroom furniture items are made of environmentally friendly and healthy interior design materials. Look for anti-static and anti-allergy materials for teenage bedroom furnishings, – furniture, teens room decorations and accessories.

Interior decorating from toddler room to teen quarters

Before buying furniture or decor accessories for your teenage bedroom, consider how easily they can be cleaned. Sharp corners of teenage bedroom furniture or rough metal decorations, glass surfaces of computer desk or wall shelves, porcelain or glass accessories, plastic teenage bedroom decor accessories, man-made decorating fabrics and plastic furniture are not the best choices for modern teenage bedroom design in eco style, specially if you need to decorate a small bedroom.

Small room design ideas, space saving bed and storage furniture for teenage bedroom

Designing study areas in small rooms

Kids room decorating ideas, clutter for creative wall design

Even in a small room, an ergonomic study area with a computer desk and ergonomic chair, book shelves and space organizers should be separated from a sleeping zone. A well lighted and large enough computer desk, ergonomic chair and space saving storage furniture items create productive teenage bedroom design with an inviting and functional study area.

Small room design for a teenager, functional teenage bedroom furniture and layout

A comfortable bed allow good rest. Teens room decorations and accessories add style to teenage bedroom design and create pleasant and comfortable look. Two zones look attractive, improving organization and functionality of small room design for a teenager, and create welcoming living space for study and play.

  by Ena Russ   

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