Empty Container House, Cheap and Durable Modern House Designs

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Green design ideas and recycling are popular topics. Architects, interior designers and ordinary people look at cargo container house designs as green alternatives for inexpensive cottage, stable, office or new home building. Recycling empty containers frees the space on the shipping docks, providing inexpensive and comfortable small house  designs in many countries. (Eco friendly green building with old empty bottles)

First simple shipping container homes with a flat roof (Feng Shui home design, roof style) appeared in 2003, becoming popular around the world. Durable shipping container homes are easy and quick to build. Cargo container house design can be increased by stackable and cheap empty containers, offering eco friendly recycling ideas for green design supporters. Container house price is twice lower that traditional house construction costs.

Contemporary cargo container house interiors are modern and comfortable, providing an excellent alternatives for country cottage or summer house design in picturesque areas. Container house exterior can be painted bright or neutral light color with industrial strength enamel. Fresh paint coat every five years helps create colorful, optimistic and pleasant look. (Modern exterior painting colors, vintage wine exterior paint)

One empty cargo container house

Modern house designs made of empty used shipping containers offer functional comfort of traditional simple house designs, convenience and money saving options. Modern kitchens and bathrooms, open floor plan and large windows are attractive cargo container house elements that add character to homes with unusual architectural solutions, unique style and a lot of natural light.

Container homes are designed to last longer that traditional modern house designs, giving inspirations for unusual projects that recycle cargo containers, transforming ordinary unappealing objects into beautiful house designs.

Recycling shipping container for building a container house
Green ideas, container house with roof garden

Eco friendly modern house designs

Urban sustainable architecture, floating Arcology concepts
How to build an eco friendly home on a budget

People admire this green approach of rethinking of the essence of cargo containers and modern house designs concepts. Innovative, inexpensive and durable container housing lies somewhere between architecture and art performances, bringing experimental decorations in kitsch style into modern architecture and interior design.

Contemporary architecture, green ideas to recycle steel containers, shipping container homes and offices

Eco friendly recycling, inexpensive building material and simple installation, requiring minimum effort and time, are important factors in growing popularity of small house designs made of empty shipping containers. In addition, simple shipping container housing can be built anywhere, – in the deserts and forest, in tropics and in areas with harsh winter climate.

Shipping container houses, modern house designs

Healthy house design ideas

Floating sunrooms, houseboats
Green roof, sustainable architecture and rooftop gardens

Steel containers allows modern house designs to survive natural disasters, including hurricanes, floods and storms. Steel is flame resistant. As a strong and eco friendly building material, steel can serve for decades, offering healthy green home design alternatives. Steel is mold and termites resistant.

Building container house

Building a container house

After receiving the order, a group of professionals goes to the construction site  to analyze  the soil and natural conditions for the project. Container house cost depends on used containers price. Empty container for a house can be bought for $900-1500.

Single container house interior, small house designs

Specializing in building shipping container homes companies, like Canadian Eco Nomad, American Contemporary Container Homes, Australian Container Camping, etc. offer small modern house designs made of 1 – 6 empty containers.

Building container house plan

Architectural bureau Wee-houses, www.weehouses.com/ develops great small house designs and build very simple, attractive and inexpensive cottages and summer homes also. The company is located in the United States, Minnesota, offers shipping containers homes for recycling, healthy homes and green design fans.

Cargo container house, recycling containers, houses architecture, green ideas

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Unpretentious, but comfortable and modern house designs, utilizing empty steel containers, are a wonderful choice for people who do not think about prestige and not driven by the desire to impress their neighbors. Usually simple and small house designs made of recycled shipping containers are built in secluded places, as summer homes and cottages to enjoy the natural beauty and simple life.

Recycling containers for houses designs, shipping container homes, interior

Cargo container house design is functional and simple. A single container house has a rectangular shape and a large window in one of the walls that allows to enjoy the landscape. Despite the low container house cost and simplicity, cottages withstand significant negative temperatures, – the conceptual design were carried out in cold Sweden.

Cargo container interior, living room design

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