Urban Sustainable Architecture, Floating Arcology Concepts for Green Living

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New Orleans arcology sustainable architecture concept

Gigantic floating Arcology structures feature sustainable design and impressive architecture. The Boston Arcology is an example of green architecture that demonstrates sustainable design concepts for urban living in the future. The green architecture of the Boston Arcology and 3d models of Arcology designs present the green living concept of life after the rising ocean water swallows big cities. The futuristic buildings are designed for 15 000 people living in a floating city by architect Kevin Shopfer.

Arcology is a portmanteau of architect or architecture and ecology. Arcology is a blend of green architecture and sustainable design concepts, setting modern architectural design principles of creating contemporary architectural designs of enormous habitats in an eco-friendly style. Arcology is green architecture, and giant green building design and construction are examples of self-contained sustainable architecture and eco-friendly design for urban communities with extremely high population density.

The green living concept of the Boston Arcology and its sustainable design features various residential and commercial buildings, parks, and recreational areas. Energy-efficient, the sustainable design includes the Arcology agricultural facilities to enhance the Green living style and minimize the environmental impacts.

Green roof designs, sustainable architecture

Contemporary home design, sustainable architecture

Green building for the future, sustainable architecture

3d models of the floating Boston Arcology

Floating Arcology, sustainable design and green architecture, 3d model

The Boston Arcology features sustainable architectural designs with a multilevel green building structure and provides the modern comfort of the urban lifestyle. The sustainable design includes attractive apartments, offices, hotels, shops, restaurants, museums, and the Arcology city hall. There will be no need for cars on the floating Arcology; the floating islands will have eco-friendly carts.

Green architecture, sustainable design, and eco-friendly urban living choices that people will make allow the floating Arcology communities to use alternative energy sources, get enough energy from solar panels, wind, and water turbines and efficiently use it to protect the environment.

Floating Arcology, 3d models, sustainable design, Green architecture for urban living in the future

Green building and construction

The foundation for the floating Arcology will be a series of concrete cells connected to form a buoyant Arcology platform. The place for the green building and construction of the Boston Arcology is already chosen. The eco-friendly floating city will be placed in the Boston Harbor next to downtown.

FloatingĀ  New Orleans Arcology

New Orleans Arcology, sustainable design ideas, 3d design

A similar floating Arcology design is developed for New Orleans. 365 meters high Green building structure will create the New Orleans Arcology Habitat and include modern homes for 20 000 people, hotels, offices, entertainment facilities, medical clinics, three casinos, and the New Orleans Arcology city park.

Eco-friendly architectural designs

Sustainable architectural design for a serene urban lifestyle

Hollywood Sign Hotel project, Danish architectural dream in 3d models

Eco-friendly green building with old empty bottles

Floating Arcology, sustainable design and green architecture for urban living in the future, 3d design

Sustainable design and green architecture of the future

The developer of the Boston Arcology, sustainable architect Kevin Shopfer promotes contemporary architectural designs and green ideas. Sustainable design and construction, presenting this unique futuristic project for green living in the future, demonstrates a safe and eco-friendly way to enjoy an urban lifestyle. The architect said it would take about ten years to complete the Boston Arcology project and the green building construction.

Floating architectural designs of the future

Floating cities of the future, sustainable design, Green architecture
3d models, futuristic architectural designs

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