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Colorful Easter eggs decoration, creative crafts and fragrant table centerpieces, made with green grass and fresh floral arrangements are beautiful decorating traditions that associated with the important spring holiday, joy and fun. Making Easter floral arrangements is an attractive, eco friendly, personal, meaningful and inexpensive way of Easter decorating that symbolizes renewal and happiness. (Shamrock, Easter table centerpieces)

On Easter, 1512 three Spanish ships, sailing to the north of Cuba in search of new lands, discovered an island, which was covered with beautiful fragrant flowers. Sailors called the island Easter Flowers, – that’s what Florida means in Spanish. Since then making table centerpieces with floral arrangements became symbolic Easter home decoration. (Egg shell crafts and floral arrangements, eco friendly Easter decorating)

Colorful and joyful Easter decorating compositions and blooming flower arrangements can include nature inspired, elegant holiday table decor items, like butterflies and birds, crocheted chickens and paper rabbits, interesting ribbons and delicate lace, colorful feathers and creative Easter crafts, made of egg shells. (Natural dyes for eco friendly decorating eggs and making unique Easter gifts) Simple and stylish floral arrangements make Easter decor ideas impressive and festive, bringing bright colors, unique leaves textures and flowers shapes.

Easter eggs decoration, simple floral arrangements
Easter decor ideas, tulips and green grass, edible flower arrangements

Easter floral arrangements and color symbolism

White floral arrangements, that include Easter lilies, tulips, azaleas or daisies, add elegant and classy accents to Easter decor ideas. (Black and white room decor) White flowers are ancient symbols of rejuvenation, passion and resurrection.

Cheerful red color of Easter crafts and floral arrangements symbolizes life and victory over death. Bright  and dynamic white and red color combination, used for decorating Easter eggs and making floral arrangements for spring holiday, is the symbol of innocence, movement and harmony. (Red and white dinnerware, floral pattern)

White flower bouquet, Easter cake decorations, Easter eggs decoration
Red flower arrangements, floral centerpiece, Easter decorating ideas

Fresh green color, used for Easter eggs decoration and green leaves or grass are symbols of hope. (Green color for home decorating)

Purple Easter eggs decoration and purple floral arrangements add the color of spirituality to Easter decor ideas. (Decorating with purple color, room color schemes)

Optimistic orange, warm yellow and golden Easter eggs decoration with orange and sunny yellow floral arrangements create bright table centerpieces that symbolize light, happiness and wisdom. (Yellow color decorating, interior design and color psychology)

Easter decorating ideas, blue and white Easter floral arrangements with eggs
Yellow Easter floral arrangements, tulips and daffodils, Easter table centerpieces

Calming blue color of the sky is the color that brings peace. Blue flowers, blue room decor accessories and blue Easter eggs decoration offer attractive, friendly and relaxing Easter decor ideas. (Interior decorating in sky-blue for spacious look)

Ester decor ideas

Pretty red carnations, gorgeous tulips and graceful rose petals decoration looks amazing with colorfully decorated Easter eggs. Edible tulips, roses and pansies are stunning table decorations that add festive red color to Easter decor ideas.

Easter decor ideas, floral arrangements and unique gifts
Easter decorating, table centerpieces, chocolate and spring flowers

White flowers make beautiful garlands. Impressive white floral arrangements or simple white flower bouquets, made of fragrant carnations, delicate roses or elegant lilies, create harmonious and meaningful Easter decorating with green house plants. (Green home decor that cleans the air, top eco friendly house plants)

Spring blooming flowers can be used for making charming Easter crafts and unique gifts, baskets and floral arrangements with green leaves, branches and grass. (Shamrock plant, gift ideas)

White lace, table cloths, colorful ribbons and green table decorations look great with fresh flowers, Easter crafts, Easter Bunny baskets and Easter eggs, decorated for spring holiday. Large and small green leaves, like fern leaves or asparagus add fresh green color accents to Easter decor ideas. (Fern, decor for room windows facing north)

Beautiful flower centerpieces and unique gifts, Easter decorating ideas
Basket design with Hosta green leaves and blue Easter eggs, Easter decorating

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  by Ena Russ   

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