Shamrock, St Patricks Day and Easter Table Centerpieces

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Green shamrocks and flower arrangements create striking and meaningful St Patricks Day and Easter table centerpieces. Green leaves and  flower arrangements are symbols of colorful spring decorating. St Patrick used three shamrock leaflets on a single stem to explain the Christian Trinity. Beautiful shamrocks make great religious holiday gifts and wonderful table decorations for spring holidays and Christmas.

Native to South Africa, oxalis plants are very attractive, easy to care for and fast growing house plants with small flowers. Shamrocks, bought for St Patricks Day party or Easter table centerpieces, can be enjoyed for years. Shamrocks are impressive and cheap ideas for table decoration. With seasonal, winter or spring, flower arrangements, candles, ribbons or floral table cloth and napkins, these small house plants create elegant and cheerful table centerpieces. (Shamrock, oxalis plants for home decorating)

Shamrocks can attractively decorate porches, decks and patios in late spring, summer and early fall, surprising you with delicate small flowers. Oxalis plants have spicy taste. Shamrocks can be used for cooking, table decoration and food presentation. Unique green leaves of shamrocks and flower arrangements bring beautiful spring decorating colors into homes, creating festive, bright and fresh St Patricks Day party or Easter table centerpieces. (Egg and flower ideas for Easter decorating)

Ideas for holiday table decoration

St Patricks shamrock, green edible table decorations

Green color is the color of St Patricks Day. (Green decorating for St PatricksDay, food inspiration) Green color is great for spring decorating and for Easter or Christmas table centerpieces.

In winter shamrocks add natural, fresh and soft green accents to holiday table decoration in eco style. In spring oxalis plants symbolize the awakening of the nature, emphasizing  beautiful spring decorating colors of blooming flowers.

Green shamrocks and flower arrangements, dining table centerpieces for spring decorating, special event and Christmas

Green shamrocks beautifully decorate the dining table for St Patricks Day party, adding Irish holiday decor colors and style. Green shamrocks with small white flowers compliment traditional St Patricks Day colors and look charming beside spring flower arrangements. (Colorful spring drinks to catch a leprechaun)

Holiday decor, candles and shamrocks table centerpieces, spring decorating

Oxais plants can have purple leaves and light yellow or tender pink flowers, which complement lilac, pink and yellow spring flowers, creating stylish dining table centerpieces.

Dining table centerpieces, shamrocks for holiday table decor

Green house plants and Easter flower arrangements look great on a table or on a plant stand near a window, decorating the window and the entire room for Easter.

Ladybug and shamrocks St Patricks Day party table centerpieces, spring holiday table decorations

Oxalis plants do not like hot direct sunlight and grow better in cooler areas, in northern part of the house. Flower arrangements look fresh longer in cool rooms, creating perfect spring decorating combination with shamrocks.

St Patricks Day food and table centerpieces:

St Patricks Day food color inspiration for table decorating
St Patricks Day food and green table decorating ideas
Shamrock plant, St Patricks Day, Easter or Christmas gift ideas

Shamrock dining table centerpieces, bright spring decorating, simple St Patricks Day and Easter table centerpieces

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