Beautiful Garden Path Ideas and Walkway Designs, Yard Landscaping Materials

wood pebbles
Original garden path pattern mixing pebbles and wood



Garden paths show gorgeous ideas for accentuating beautiful outdoor spaces. You can build a garden path or a walkway with many different materials. Unpretentious gravel, eco-friendly stones, salvaged wood, lava rocks, marble rocks, and lovely pebbles are excellent design materials for garden paths. Check out the Lushome collection of modern garden path ideas and see what design materials can work for your outdoor living spaces.

Garden paths are fantastic features, and you can build them with creative and easy laying techniques. Firstly, you need to plan your garden path or walkway, mark the place, dig a flat trench. Secondly, you need to build a bottom cushion with sand or gravel and start laying the decorative material. You can use concrete pads, salvaged wood, pebbles, or mix a few design materials to create original garden paths.

Green ideas to use wood for garden path designs

Creative garden path ideas

Beautiful garden path designs and walkway ideas

Garden path design materials

Beautiful garden design with island flower beds, landscaping rocks, curvy walkways, a wooden bench

1. Wood boardwalks

Wood flooring ideas are eco-friendly, cheap, and naturally beautiful. It is easy to build a wooden garden path using boards, salvaged wood, or slices.

Wood slices in modern yard landscaping, garden path designs

Stone garden path ideas, straight and shapely designs

Unique backyard landscaping ideas and garden path designs

You can place wood pieces randomly or create original patterns filling the gaps between boards or slices with sand, gravel, pebbles, lava rocks, or marble stones.  However, wood is prone to rotting.

Original yard landscaping ideas, wood boardwalk designs

2. Salvaged wood

Salvaged wood, slices, yard landscaping ideas

3. Gravel garden path designs

Gravel is one of the most affordable and attractive materials that do not require leveling.

Beautiful yard landscaping with rocks, gravel garden path

4. Bricks

Bricks are traditional, durable, and beautiful materials used for building colorful walkways and garden paths. Brick walkways install on mortar bases and decorated with boards or brick borders along the sides.

Colorful bricks creating a beautiful garden path

5. Plastic walkway ideas

Today you can find plastic stones and path pads that do not require digging a trench to build a walkway or garden path. Good ad temporary solutions, plastic designs can fade in the sun. However, plastic garden paths are easy to install and inexpensive.

Cheap ideas for backyard landscaping, plastic walkway

6. Asphalt walkways

Asphalt pavement is suitable for spacious gardens with wide paths. It is impossible to create an asphalt walkway on your own. Another problem with this type of walkway is that asphalt cracks when temperatures change, or soil moves underneath.

Curvy walkway with flowering plants along sides, garden path idea

7. Paving stones

Paving stones are durable, modern landscaping materials, great for high humidity environments. They install on leveled grounds and are expensive, but pavers create beautiful driveways, walkways, garden path designs.

Beautiful garden path, concrete pavers in gray

8. Landscaping with stones

Natural stone paths made with granite, marble, limestone, basalt slabs look rich, organic, and beautiful. Stones are comfortable for walking and create gorgeous surfaces that enhance garden designs. It is not easy to build a stone path. Also, natural stones get slippery in wet climates and cold winters.

Beautiful yard landscaping with a stone garden path

9. Grass garden path ideas

Garden paths created with low-growing grass look romantic, organic, and naturally beautiful. Walking on grass is pleasant and relaxing.

Natural landscaping ideas, grass garden path

10. Cobblestones and pebbles

Rounded pebbles provide a colorful and eco-friendly design material for building garden paths. Cobblestone walkways look unique and lovely but are often uncomfortable and challenging to walk on them.

Leaf-shaped stepping stones, cobblestone garden path

11. Concrete slabs

Concrete provides a smooth, contemporary surface, easy for walking, biking, running. Concrete slabs are a durable and versatile design material for garden paths that can mix with tiles, pebbles, wood, and mosaic tiles for decoration.

Raised garden beds and a concrete path, contemporary yard landscaping ideas

12. Concrete pads

Natural yard landscaping ideas, a garden path designed with square concrete pads
A walkway with square concrete pads placed diagonally
Beautiful garden design with shapely concrete stepping stones

Mixing garden path materials

Original garden path pattern mixing pebbles and wood
Garden design, gravel-concrete path idea
Concrete slabs and pavers, front yard landscaping ideas, contemporary walkway design
Mixing wood, grass, round concrete slabs, original walkway design idea

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