55 Stone Garden Paths, Straight and Shapely Walkway Design Ideas

creative stone garden path
Beautiful stone walkway with plants along the sides, creative curvy garden path idea for good Feng Shui


A walkway made of natural stone, concrete pads, or bricks shares magic found in the fairy-tale garden paths. Properly placed, beautiful stones last for generations adding fabulous accents to garden designs. If you think of building a stone path in your garden, consider flagstone, uncut stones, paving stones, concrete, or bricks, as attractive, unique materials bringing character into gardens and backyard designs. Each type of stone creates an entirely different outdoor floor. Check out the Lushome collection of linear and curvy garden paths and find visual inspiration for your outdoor living spaces.

Stone garden paths are functional and easy to maintain. Although linear walkways are perfect for classic garden designs and contemporary paths, curves look charming and surprising. Curvy walkways and garden paths are good Feng Shui designs, harmonizing outdoor living spaces and attracting good luck. Here are some design ideas that bring visual inspiration for creating your stone walkway or garden path.

Strewing several stone steps through your garden makes it easy to walk after rain and reduces the effect of compacted soil. Beautiful stepping stones help with rainwater runoff. Water can flow between stepping stones, bricks, and small concrete pads. Stone garden paths and walkways allow the water to soak into the ground around them.

Stone walkways and garden path ideas

Beautiful garden path designs and yard landscaping with pebbles

Creative garden path design ideas

Stone walkways and garden paths

Curvy garden path allowing grass to grow between stones

When deciding on how to create your garden path, match it to the look of your home,  garden, and backyard designs. A cottage country look works with old bricks, which show some attractive signs of weathering. Formal or contemporary walkways ask for new bricks and concrete pads that enhance the atmosphere. Also, you can mix garden path materials to add interest to outdoor living spaces and compliment your home with a creative patchwork design.

Natural landscaping ideas, garden paths

Unique landscaping ideas and garden path designs

Inspiring ideas for mixing garden path materials

Shapely walkways and garden paths

Beautiful walkway design with flowering plants, good Feng Shui idea

Subtle curves are more appealing to the eye than straight lines. Curvy walkways and garden paths allow wandering through the outdoor home spaces and feel captivated by little surprises along the journey. Potted flowers, attractive shrubs, garden art, signs, and figurines amplify the elegant beauty of a curvy stone path.

Stone garden path, natural yard landscaping ideas

Curves are pleasing to the eyes and look harmonious with yard landscaping. Curved paths stretch small spaces visually and make them seem more spacious than they are. Plants can soften the straight edges filling the cracks and decorating the sides. Fragrant plants such as lavender or lilies increase the enjoyment of walking the garden path.

Stones in garden path design, charming yard landscaping idea
Blue flowers along the stone path
Circular stone walkway
Beautiful stone walkway with plants along the sides, creative curvy garden path idea for good Feng Shui

Linear walkways and garden path ideas

Straight walkway, contemporary design, concrete
Direct stone walkway, classic garden design

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