Carpets are Back, Modern Colors and Design Trends in Floor Decor

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Beautiful light gray color, soft texture



Floor rugs and carpets are beautiful decorative accessories that the latest trends bring into modern interiors. Contemporary carpet flooring ideas help create beautiful rooms. Designer rugs make fantastic home decorations, often becoming focal points of interior design. Modern floor rugs and carpets transform the living spaces adding warm texture, original design, and stylish colors to home interiors.

Large carpets look chic. The large size, stylish color, and unique design turn floor rugs and carpets into impressive, fashionable home decorations. Here are modern colors and designs demonstrating the latest trends in home textiles.

Modern floor decor ideas, contemporary rugs

Modern art for floor decor

Beautiful flower designs, contemporary rugs

Carpet design trends

Beautiful contemporary rug, design in gray and blue colors

Modern colors

Colorful sculptured rugs, designer wool rugs

Modern floor decor ideas, contemporary area rugs

How to select the size of a floor rug for your room

A color is a unique tool in designing modern and beautiful home interiors. We noticed the color first and forget it last. Various color shades and tones create desired effects and set a certain mood in the room. Natural hues, neutral colors, and nature-inspired pastels are the latest trends in decorating with carpets.

Modern rug colors, gray and orange combination

Gray color tones, beige, hazelnut brown shades, yellow, terracotta-orange, melon, and mustard and their combinations are perfect for creating comfortable and bright floor decoration with a modern carpet. Reddish-brown color shades, deep purple color, blue pastels, and cobalt blue are popular choices for accentuating interior design in style.

Geometric shapes, pink-purple pastels, modern rug design

Design styles

Abstract and geometric patterns, especially curves and circles, are the design trends. Also, flower designs and vintage style carpets make beautiful, modern accents for floor decoration. Watercolor and aged designs look tender and romantic. Contemporary 3d rugs complete the modern design collections.

Monochromatic rug design in gray colors
Colorful floor rug with vibrant flower designs
Contemporary carpet, sculptured 3d rug design
Beautiful light gray color, soft texture

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