Modern Art and Floor Decor, Contemporary Rugs for Floor Decoration

striped modern rug in white and black color for living room decorating
Striped floor rug, black-white decor accessories


Inspired by modern art, floor decoration ideas bring unique and stylish contemporary rugs and floor carpet patterns into home interiors. Layered floor rugs and modern designs in vibrant colors are beautiful and exciting trends in decorating. There are many ways to add artworks to room decorating, and designer rugs and carpets are one of them which create beautiful modern floor decor.

Practical and decorative contemporary or oriental rugs and carpets can be used in many ways, whether for fresh modern interior decorating or staging a home to sell. Carpet or rugs bring beautiful colors and unique patterns into interior design. In addition, large contemporary rugs and carpets, inspired by modern art, are excellent for decorating open spaces with no furniture.

Interior decorating design that includes contemporary or oriental rugs and carpets in front of a fireplace or bookcase, in the hallway, or in the middle of the room feels cozier and softer. Beautiful traditional and modern rugs add a splash of stylish color, creating welcoming room decor. Unique rugs and carpets patterns make interior decorating and design ideas look luxurious and exciting.

Colorful floor rug and room furniture in warm yellow-orange colors

Contemporary rugs

Modern floor decor ideas, unique contemporary area rugs

Sculptured rugs, decorating ideas with colorful kids rugs

Eye catchings, inspired by current art carpet and area rug design, are easy ways to add more style and luxury to home interiors and create contemporary homes with unique character. Attractive carpet and rug design ideas make a living room look formal or informal but always inviting. Modern floor decoration sets the positive mood for visiting rooms.

Striped floor rug, black-white decor accessories

Floor decoration ideas

Designers from Henzel create unique handmade contemporary rugs that look like modern artworks and great for wall and floor decoration. Surrealistic and abstract floor rugs in stylish, bold colors or neutral tones make excellent floor decoration, celebrating interior decorating and design ideas in contemporary style.

Unusual carpet or area rugs in the hallway invite people to enjoy attractive interior decorating and design in other rooms, create a striking focal point, and offer contemporary floor decoration ideas that add charm and artistic flavor to the living space.

Modern rugs, living room decor

Modern rugs designed for large room decorating are great for adding drama and making an artistic statement. Abstract or floral, simple, and intricate patterns of contemporary and oriental rugs and carpets attract attention and add more interest to modern interior decorating and design, filling the room with warmth and comfort.

Modern living room design, open shelves on the wall, unique furniture, decor accessories

Modern floor decor ideas

Floor carpet tiles and space-saving modern flooring ideas

Floor carpets design ideas for style, comfort, and joy

A big area rug is one of the best ideas for room decorating. Large rugs or carpets on the floor look dramatic and create elegant room decor with matching wall paint colors, furniture upholstery fabrics, home accessories, throw, and decorative pillows. In addition, modern art inspiration help create floor decor that adds more style and beauty to interior decorating design and emphasizes the contemporary home decorating style.

Contemporary interior design, modern floor decoration with layered rugs

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