Floor Carpet Tiles and Space Saving Modern Flooring Ideas

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Floor carpet tiles are modern interior decorating and design trends that help transform floor carpets into small furniture and create functional space saving modern decor. Contemporary carpet flooring ideas that add fun to interior design are great for students and young kids room decorating. Flooring ideas of transforming carpet tiles into small furniture are perfect for those who like to play or change floor decor often.

Magic Rug, created by Cho Hyung Suk, is a creative attempt to design multi functional floor carpets that can be transformed into light living room furniture, a coffee table and chairs. Small, space saving essential furniture items are innovative interior decorating and design ideas that can be used for kids rooms decor, an expromt party and sleepovers. Contemporary floor carpeting ideas offer interesting space saving solutions for small rooms, young kids playrooms or interior decorating design in Asian style.

Floor carpets from Korean designer are made of wood and steel. With soft cushions floor carpeting can be transformed into inviting room in Asian style with essential living room furniture pieces, lounge chairs, small chairs and coffee tables. Changing and transforming contemporary flooring ideas are perfect for outdoor rooms also.

Contemporary interior decorating and design trends in floor carpets

Smart floor carpets and modern interior design ideas

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Magic Carpet flooring ideas for space saving interior decorating and design

Contemporary floor carpets and furniture design ideas

Another floor carpets Land Peel is presented by Shin Yamashita, www.shinple.com/ Her carpet flooring ideas only look like ordinary floor carpets. Each floor carpet tile can be transformed into small furniture, creating functional and modern decor that reminds Japanese traditional interior decorating and design style.

Innovative carpet flooring ideas offer wall to wall carpets made of unique carpet tiles that bend and transform into small living room furniture items, the coffee table, chair or bench with a foot rest. When a person is ready for the floor decor transformation and furniture assembly, bright marks on carpet tiles help find the bending lines.

Contemporary floor carpet tiles, modern interior decorating and design trends
Small table, made of floor carpet tile, innovative design ideas

Carpet flooring ideas for play

Quick installation of floor carpet tiles and space saving interior decorating are excellent for small rooms. Stimulating and interesting, floor carpeting designs are great decorating ideas for kids rooms. Small furniture that are easy to assemble of carpet tiles are wonderful toys and functional items for kids rooms decor, especially when children want to change activities or invite friends.

Floor carpet tile installation and transformation into small furniture
Quick interior decorating and design transformations

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