15 Feng Shui Tips and Bathroom Design Ideas to Feng Shui Homes for Wealth

bathroom design and toilet placement to feng shui home for wealth
Blue and green colors are the best choices for bathroom design to Feng Shui home for wealth



Bathroom design is an important part of Feng Shui home design and decorating. Bathroom is a place where the water goes through pipes away from the house. Water symbolizes wealth in ancient Chinese Feng Shui home design and decorating phylosophy.

Wealth is not only about money and comfortable living. Accordng to ancient Chinese Feng Shui home design masters, wealth includes health and vitality, happiness and love also. Proper bathroom design and decorating help attract good luck and Feng Shui your home design for wealth.

Water and money are associated with the energy. The energy flow is similar to money flow, ancent Chinese Feng Shui masters explain. The bathroom with the toilet, sinks and bathtub works as a hole through which money, health and good luck can escape from the house.

Bathroom design to Feng Shui home for wealth

Blue and green colors are the best choices for bathroom design to Feng Shui home for wealth

Feng Shui tips for good Feng Shui bathroom design

It is important to Feng Shui bathroom design, chose right toilet placement and apply bathroom design ideas that help build wealth, Chinese Feng Shui home design experts suggest. Avoiding unlucky toilet placements and paying the attention to creating proper bathroom design help Feng Shui homes for wealth, attract good luck, create happiness and strengthen health.

5 unlucky bathroom design ideas and toilet placements

1. Located on the south-western and north-eastern part of the house, the toilet creates harmful effects on health. (Modern toilet desgn trends)

2. The central location in the house is unlucky for bathroom design. The bathroom in the middle of the house provokes financial losses.

3. Too close to the front door bathroom location is bad Feng Shui bathroom design ideam, that can harm the family reputation.

4. The bathroom, designed in the southern part of the house, prevents family members to cooperate and habe fun working together.

5. Bathroom design is bad for Feng Shui, if the toilet is located in the Wealth ares of the house.

Blue bathroom tiles and green towels are lucky color combination that Feng Shui home for wealth

10 lucky bathroom design ideas to Feng Shui home for wealth

1. If the house has more than one floor, the toilet and bathroom should not be above the front door and the main entrance.

Feng Shui home, bathroom decorating secrets

2. The toilet and bathroom door should not be seen from the front door. Decorative curtains, wall partitions, room dividers or decorative screens help cure house designs and create good Feng Shui design for entryways and bathrooms, adding more privacy to house designs and attracting wealth, health and happiness, old Chinese Feng Shui masters suggest.

Feng Shui home, front door and entryway

3. Clean toilet and clutter free bathroom interior, good ventilation and efficient light Feng Shui house designs for wealth. Good Feng Shui required well lit bathroom interior. (Choosing the best toilet for your bathroom)

Windows or mirrors are Feng Shui cures for dark bathroom design. A window or a large mirror in the bathroom adds more light, beautifies bathroom interior and creates good Feng Shui house design, protecting the family and attracting wealth.

Feng Shui and clutter, space clearing

4. The toilet should not be placed on a straigh line that can connect the toilet and bathroom door. Shower curtains, wall partitions, storage shelves that are used as room dividers or decorative screens are the ways to hide the toilet and create bathroom design for good Feng Shui.

Modern bathroom design with light wood cabinets and blue wall tiles to Feng Shui home for wealth

5. The toilet and the bathroom door  should not be seen from the kitchen stove location.

Kitchen feng shui for wealth and prosperity

6. The floor in the bathroom and around the toilet should not be higher than the floor in other rooms.

7. Pipes should not be in places that are considered lucky for attacting wealth. Bathroom toilet seat cover should be down.

8. Toilet and bathroom should not be located directly across the stairs.

9. Toilet and bathroom should not be located directly opposite to the bed in the master bedroom.

Feng Shui for bedroom

10. Blue and green colors are the best for bathroom decorating and good Feng Shui design. Blue and green bathroom colors create peaceful and calming house designs and attract wealth.

Feng Shui home colors and Chinese symbols

Turquoise colors for bathroom design

  by Ena Russ   

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