165 and 25 Eclectic Dining Room Design and Decorating Ideas, Matching Dining Chairs

dining room design and decor with different dining chairs


Traditional dining furniture sets are a nice way to design and decorate your dining room, but blending different dining chairs into modern dining room design is one of interesting latest trends in home decorating. Lushome collection of beautiful, comfortable and modern dining room design and decorating ideas show how to mic and match various dining chairs and create fabulous, bright and stylish interiors.

Different dining chairs are a smart idea for dining room design. A combination of different dining chairs saves you money on buying a new dining furniture set and bring interest into interior decorating, emphasizing creativity and contemporary style. Identical dining chairs add symmetry to formal dining room design, and different dining chairs, benches and stools give a playful, artistic and fresh touch to modern dining room decorating.

Here are 25 dining room design and decorating ideas that demonstrate how to create attractive combinations with different dining chairs while saving money, using home furnishings that you have in the house and creating truly personal, original and modern dining room design with an eclectic vibe.

165 modern dining room design an decorating ideas

Dining room design and decorating with different chairs

Colorful dining room design and decorating with different chairs

High back seats and folding wooden chairs look like an extravagant combination, but simple folding dining chairs allow flexibility and bring that charming feel of a French cafe into modern dining room design. A comfortable couch and folding chairs are just great for single person home or homes with kids.

Different dining chairs can be united by color. Wooden dining chairs, painted your favorite color shade or tone that matches home decor will compliment your dining room design and decorating ideas, bringing harmony and balance. Dining chairs can be combined if they are made of one material, in one style or feature similar details. These dining chairs looks like a modern dining furniture set.

Colorful modern dining room design in white, red and blue colors, different dining chairs with stripes

Different chairs that feature one upholstery fabric look great together. They can be combined by pairs also. Old and new dining chairs that share one upholstery fabric create very interesting, pleasant and modern dining room design and decor. Attractive chair covers can be used for two chairs at each end of the dining table. This is a traditional way of creating a nice combination with different dining chairs.

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Different dining chairs can be places at each end of your dining table bringing a nice contrasts and additional interest into modern dining room design. Two beautiful different chairs can spruce up even very plain dining room decorating ideas. Different chairs in similar shapes, materials, styles and colors, especially vintage furniture pieces look fabulous in modern dining rooms.

Eclectic dining room design and decorating with different chairs

Identical chairs in different colors can be used to jazz up dining room design also. A regular set of identical wooden chairs can be painted different colors and turned into gorgeous decorations for your dining room. Choosing hues to match your decor colors is an important element of creating original and novel, but elegant and beautiful dining room design.

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Identical dining chairs can be brighten up by painting them monochromatic or contrasting colors. Different upholstery fabrics that match decor colors are another way to create more interesting and modern dining room decorating. The dining chairs without upholstery, plastic, metal or wooden chairs can be transformed by adding different details and decorations, like painted designs, chair covers, chair back decorations and chair pads that create different seats.

Modern dining room design with different wooden chairs and stool

Identical chairs in complimenting colors or monochromatic color shades and tones are an elegant and sophisticated ideas for modern dining room design and decorating.

Dining room design and decorating with modern wallpaper

Adding a bench, an armchair or a couch to dining chairs change the way a dining room looks and feels in no time. A bench, an armchair or a couch is an easy and dramatic solution that brightens up lacking any interest dining room design and decor.

Colorful, creative and modern dining room decorating with chairs in red and blue colors

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