HangOn Cabinet, Sustainable Storage Furniture Design Idea

hanging cabinet made with wooden hangers

Modular storage furniture design idea from Italian designers


Hang On! storage cabinet is an interesting sustainable storage furniture design idea that can inspire you to transform your storage spaces, adding an artistic and innovative, stylish and very decorative storage cabinets or shelves to your walls. Hang on! is a contemporary storage cabinet designed with waste materials and easy to obtain.

The unique storage furniture design is developed for the display of products in a store, but can be used as an attractive modular shelving in offices and homes also, adding a contemporary flavor and unusual look to wall designs.

Several modules consist of four wooden hangers containers. An assembling can be obtained from different depths. Different combinations of multiple modular furniture elements allow to create various compositions, which makes the storage furniture design idea flexible and easily adaptive to different situations.

Modular furniture designed with wooden hangers

Modular storage furniture design idea from Italian designers

The design idea was born during a furniture design contest in Italy. Although the design idea was not rewarded, the project is very innovative and inspiring.

The simplicity and creative sustainable design can be used for developing a set of decorative wall shelves and hanging storage cabinets made of wooden hangers.

Wood recycling for sustainable furniture design, storage cabinet made of wooden hangers

Contemporary storage furniture design ideas

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  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 18.08.2012


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