Top 10 Golden Blue Christmas Decoration Ideas, Modern Christmas Decor

traditional chrismas balls in dark blue, white and golden colors



Modern Christmas decoration ideas and rich blue, deep purple, black and golden yellow colors, that create mysterious and sizzling color combinations, offer warm and sensual winter holiday decor. Inspired by spectacular golden sunsets and dark bluish shadows on the snow, golden-blue Christmas decorating palette looks peaceful and beautiful, like winter landscapes.

Elegant and royal, purple-blue and dark blue colors of tree shadows on white snow, combined with bright and sunny golden yellow shades, make Christmas decorations and home interiors, decorated for winter holidays, feel comfortable and welcoming, interesting and captivating.

Winter holiday decorations and gifts, especially Christmas decoration ideas, are about fun and magic, peace and joy, comfort and happy atmosphere. Modern blue and golden yellow color combinations add mysterious flavor and festive charm to winter holiday decorations, creating stylish and pleasant, elegant and glowing Christmas home decor, inspired by cool sunsets.

Golden and blue colors of winter sunsets

Modern Christmas decorations in golden and blue colors

1. Seashells and starfish, decorated with golden glitter, beads and golden ribbons, are one of fresh Christmas decoration trends for winter 2011-2012.

Seashells, associated with beaches, seas and oceans, look harmonious with dark blue and black colors that symbolize water. Seashell holiday decorations for Christmas, New Year and Chinese New celebration are attractive, fresh and meaningful, as 2012 is the Water Dragon Year, according to Asian calendar.

Seashell Christmas decorations with golden ribbons and blue mini lights

2. Made of silky blue fabrics, antique looking and adorned with golden embroidery, Christmas tree decorations and table decor items, tablecloth, napkins, holiday table centerpieces and dining chair decorative bows create luxurious and bright decor.

Golden yellow decorations and ideas, Christmas decor trends

Gold and white Chirstmas ideas for dining room decorating

3. Forged metal candle holders and dark blue lampshades with cut outs increase the beautiful effect of rich golden-blue color combination with soft light and dance of shadows, adding mysterious accents to modern Christmas decor 2011-2012.

Golden ribbons with blue candles and Christmas balls

4. Golden blue Christmas tree decorations with semi precious stones, dining room chandeliers, enamel decorations and table centerpieces with yellow and blue crystals bring one of the most luxurious and glamorous holiday decoration trends 2011-2012.

11 modern Christmas decor trends

11 Christmas decorating ideas and color trends

5. Christmas tree decorations and winter holiday table centerpieces with peacock feathers, decorated with golden glitter, add exotic flavor to modern Christmas decor.

Blue pillow with golden embroidery

6. Decorative fabrics, lace and ribbons in medium and dark blue colors, golden embroidery, simple handmade holiday decorations made of golden paper and wooden Christmas decorations, touched with golden yellow paint, bring warm and tender, soft and nostalgic, modern Christmas decoration trend into modern homes.

Christmas decorating trends, gold and glamour

Eco Christmas table decorations made of pine cones

Christmas decor in rich blue ad golden colors

7. Edible decorations, apples and pears, cookies and chocolate, decorated with edible golden glitter are simple and eco friendly Christmas decoration ideas that support the environment, save your time and money.

Eco friendly Christmas decor, recycled and edible decorations

8. Black, golden and blue color combinations for miniature Christmas trees ad holiday table centerpieces offer modern Christmas decoration ideas for winter holiday decor.

Golden and blue Christmas decor

9. Black, golden and blue candles and tableware, interior decorating with golden yellow paint, decor accessories in blue, golden yellow and blue colors, like cushions and curtains, vases and wallpaper, black, golden and blue wrapping paper for Christmas gifts are ways to add modern Christmas colors to home decor.

Creative ideas for making miniature Christmas trees

Artistic Christmas tree, from spontaneous to golden

10. Adding white and silver tones to dark blue-golden yellow or black blue-golden yellow decorations is one of last year Christmas decoration trends, which is still popular and attractive.

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