Salvaged Wood Art Helping Clean Cities and Bringing Joy to Outdoor Living Spaces

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yard decorations to reuse and recycle salvaged wood boards

Huge sculptures made of reclaimed wood


Salvaged wood is a fun art media and a beautiful design material with its unique colors, textures and shapes. Salvaged wood enhance artworks and modern designs with its charming imperfections. Lushome presents creative sculptures made with salvaged wood by artist Thomas Dambo.

The salvaged wood sculptures can be seen in Copenhagen, Denmark. Recycled wood makes these artworks cheap and eco friendly. The artist look for reclaimed wood in the city and turn salvaged wood debris into amazing eco art.

The sculptures are created with ordinary salvaged wood boards, not carved or painted. The author arrange them in a certain sequence to create huge, funny and charming wooden sculptures. The artist enjoys building tree houses and birdhouses around the world, bringing joy and eco friendly designs to people.

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Reclaimed wood sculptures

Huge sculptures made of reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood is used for making unique furniture pieces, creating figurines and art installations. These artworks are inspiring, offering great ideas for DIY projects to reuse and recycle reclaimed wood for creative yard decorations or unique interior decorating accents.

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Salvaged wood sculptures by Thomas Dambo

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