Splash Furniture Design Ideas, Unique Furniture for Modern Interiors

arm chairs contemporary furniture design inspired by splash

Arm chair Splash Lounge, contemporary chairs inspired by water splash effect


Two different, interesting and unique furniture design ideas from Michael L Wendel and Kristian Aus are inspired by a captivating drop splash effect. Beautiful and cute contemporary furniture pieces will bring the nature inspired theme into modern interiors.

A small drop creates a big splash, inspiring ​​designer Michael L. Wendel to create a charming chair Splash Lounge. This is an amazing, interesting and beautiful chair in milky white color which will look great in the living rooms and bedrooms, providing a nice seat for relaxation.

Splash Lounge chair design reflects the moment of a splash, created by a drop falling into a liquid. Elegant and unique furniture item, Splash Lounge chair is an impressive artwork that will bring more harmony and beauty into modern interiors.

Glowing design idea from the ocean floor

Contemporary furniture from Wild Design, unique furniture design ideas, inspired by animals

Contemporary chairs Splash Lounge

Arm chair Splash Lounge, contemporary chairs inspired by water splash effect

A drop of water, creating a captivating splash, inspired designer Kristian Aus to design a colorful set of multi-functional contemporary furniture pieces for modern interior decorating. Small details can be great inspirations, the designer says.

Multi-functional furniture set Splash from designer Kristian Aus and furniture manufacturer B-Line are bright and attractive, functional, colorful and useful.

Water splash photograph

Rain drops, creating splashes on paddles became the designer inspiration for developing the multi-functional furniture design Splash.

BioMorph Organic Design Exhibition, contemporary chairs

Creative storage furniture design, space saving contemporary chairs

Contemporary furniture pieces can be used as colorful stools, planters or baskets and containers that look like splashes, photographed and sculptured into unique furniture items.

Colorful plastic furniture, contemporary chairs-containers

Multi-functional furniture set Splash includes a plastic stool in bright color, which can be transformed into a container, small table, laundry basket, vase, or pet house.

From simple tree logs to contemporary dining chairs, modern furniture design

Cork furniture, eco friendly contemporary furniture design

Plastic contemporary furniture designs are heat, cold and water resistant, easy to clean and move from place to place.

Contemporary chairs that can be transformed into containers, colorful plastic furniture design inspired by water splash effect

Contemporary furniture items, made of colorful plastic, weigh  3.7 kg ( 8 lbs), 42 cm ( 16 1/2 inch) height and able to withstand a substantial load of 100 kg (220 lbs)

  by Ena Russ   


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